Wooden cat bed

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The wooden cat bed is a beautiful and eco-friendly home for any cat. These sturdy wooden cat beds offer one of the most comfortable resting places. Made of sturdy pine wood, they are the perfect gift for your cat and a great way to spoil them.

They are designed to help your cat spend more time playing and sleeping and will be especially appreciated by cats that do not like scratch pads. The beds are offered in numerous and simple colors to create a unique atmosphere.

Cat beds are designed to fit their needs and show them the luxury of a cozy place to sleep. Wooden cat beds are perfect for cats and kittens, offering tons of space and comfort but at a price that won’t let you break the bank. If you’re looking for something small and convenient, they have several options here, including simple slats or even no roof!

Benefits of Wooden Cat Beds

Wooden cat beds have many advantages over other types of cat beds. Here are some of them:

– Wood is a natural material that is safe and comfortable for cats. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or allergens that might irritate your cat’s skin or respiratory system.

– Wood is sturdy and stable, which means it can support your cat’s weight and movements without collapsing or wobbling. It also does not scratch or tear easily like fabric or plastic.

– Wood is easy to maintain and clean. You can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or use a mild soap if needed. You can also remove and wash the cushions or pads that come with some wooden cat beds.

– Wood is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It does not contribute to environmental pollution or waste like synthetic materials. It also lasts longer than other materials, which means you don’t have to replace it frequently.

– Wood is aesthetically pleasing and versatile. It can match any style of interior design, from rustic to modern. You can also paint or stain it to customize it according to your taste.

Best Wooden Cat Beds

There are many wooden cat beds available on the market, but here are some of the best ones that we recommend:

1. Warm and Comfy Pet Bed for Cats & Dogs, MYZOO Spaceship Alpha

Warm and Comfy Pet Bed for Cats & Dogs, MYZOO Spaceship Alpha

A hardwood pet bed with a round shape that complemented any interior décor. The pet bed’s circular design allows it to stand steadily on the floor while giving cats a spherical interior to curl up.

ALPHA is based on cat inherited, cave, and hiding tendencies (CLEAR CAVE). They can enter through the wide hole encircled by timber structures and their scents. They can see through the outside world through the clear glass dome on both sides of ALPHA, which gives them a sense of security and reduces their anxiety.


There is adequate room inside for two adult cats. The two acrylic domes also expand the interior volume. ALPHA is suitable for other tiny pets, like puppies, small dogs, and rabbits.


The rooms were bright and warm, thanks to the wooden cat furniture. The interior design and wall would look more vibrant and fun if a wooden cat bed was added.

 2. Wooden cat hammock from HomeNest – contemporary cat bed

diy Wooden cat bed hammock from HomeNest - contemporary cat bed

A sturdy raised wood cat bed comprises a secure and durable hardwood frame structure. Tiny silicone feet offer stability and prevent the hammock from sliding on the floor, so there is no need to worry about falling or shaking.

Natural Materials;

It uses wood that is in its natural state. Animals can safely use the water-based varnish to paint the hammock’s base. In addition, utilize natural cotton textiles that are cozy and gentle to the touch for the hammock cushion.

Comfortable and Cozy Cushion ;

 The Hammock provides your pet with a cozy and plush place to sleep and groom themselves.

Clean Up Is Simple;

 The cat hammock is simple to put together and take apart. It can be hand- or machine-washed.

3. Sassy Paws Wooden Pet Bed Iconic Pet

Sassy Paws Wooden Pet Bed Iconic Pet

Durability and stability are features of the Sassy Paws wooden pet bed with paw-printed comfortable cushions made of Pinewood.

This cozy DOG/CAT bed has a modern, trendy appearance that goes well with your home’s decor. The cushion of the cute pet furniture is inflated to provide your beloved pet with the most significant level of comfort.

The soft, plush fabric mattress with the Paw print is squishy and gentle on your pet’s skin. your pet is a tiny kitten or a big dog, this product is perfect for them.

The cat maze bed frame cushion is warm and plush, and it has a Zipp cushion cover that is removable and washable in the machine for simple cleaning.

Available in three colors (Antique Gray, Rustic Brown, and Charcoal Gray), the medium-sized cushion’s dimensions are 26 by 18 inches, and it can accommodate pets weighing up to 65 pounds (Medium)

4. Hammock with Blanket and Elevated Pet Bed for Indoor Use, Mkono Boho Cat

wooden cat bed box

Cat hammock with elevated pet bed:

Cats prefer to sleep in top places because it makes them feel safer. The raised cat bed black design is in line with cat characteristics, protects your cats from hot, cold, or unclean, wet flooring, and offers a cozy, secure space for your furry friends.

Strong and Durable,

Stable and Anti-Sway Structure:

The support wood of the cat hammock is natural pine wood, which keeps the features of the wood. The bed’s anti-tipping construction keeps your cat from hurting itself as it naps. The cat bed comes with a screwdriver and is simple to put together.

Boho Macrame Decor:

Premium natural wood mixed with gorgeous and functional boho macrame weaved tassel liven up a soft pet bed. The hammock bed may integrate seamlessly with any home design style, making boho-chic cat furniture a unique home decoration.

Soft & Comfortable Material:

On hot days, pets stay cool and cozy on the breathable and long-lasting cotton cushion.  A short plush blanket gives warmth in the winter, giving your cat the most heat and comfort possible. With a removable cushion, maintenance is simple.

5. Furniture for Penn-Plax Cat Walk: Luxury Lounger Cat Bed

wooden cat basket


The conventional idea of pet furniture is elevated to a new level with this Luxury Lounger Cat Bed frame. This piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture is stunning, wealthy, and gorgeous. All fancy felines can use this item, which is perfect to go in with the rest of your home’s decor.


This cat bed has a beautiful appearance and offers your cat the utmost comfort. The included cushioned cushion will quickly become your pet’s preferred place to unwind. Your cat is firmly situated and won’t move as it climbs onto and off of the lounger.


 The Luxury Lounger Cat Bed is of sturdy fiberboard and furniture paper. It had a faux wood grain finish on brown lacquer. The four tapering legs are simple to connect and provide your cat with a comfortable, slightly raised platform.


10.5″ (H) x 31″ (L) x 14.5″. (W)

6. RISER Dog Bed Cat Bed Wood Sofa Pet Bed with Drawers

RISER Dog Bed Cat Bed Wood Sofa Pet Bed with Drawers

This pet bed offers a beautiful, traditional style with its waterproof surface and anti-slip furniture legs. This e combines a classic appearance with a rustic style so your pet can relax in luxury.


 The dog bed’s legs are elevated up to 3.5 inches above the floor to keep your pet off the filth, dust, insects, and bacteria on the ground. The elevated design also effectively resists mildew and moisture.

7. Wooden cat bed capsule, spaceship, YOLENY Acrylic Dome Modern Cat Bed

Wooden crate cat bed capsule,

 A round cat bed cave made of basswood and two acrylic domes like a miniature spaceship. You can place a cat spaceship bed anywhere your cat likes, including on the floor or on your desk. In the winter, the trendy cat bed also functions as a greenhouse and works best with fabric or a cushion inside.


Cats are curious animals who enjoy spending time in a comfortable and secure environment. Cat bubble’s clear acrylic domes on either side let the cats see through the outer world. When the cats are resting and their owners may still enjoy their loveliness from the outside.


The spherical cat bed with a spacecraft theme provides a lot of room for your cat to move around. It is a contemporary, cozy hiding place for your cats and ensures they are always protected and at ease. This cat dome bed can ease your cat’s anxiousness and give them the seclusion they require if they need some alone time.


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