Hanging bed for cats

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Cat hanging beds are incredibly cozy and give your cat the solitude and space it requires. In the comfort of their hanging cat beds, they grant cats their own room in your house, provide them with a vantage point from which to view the entire house and give them confidence in their well-being and safety.

A cat wall hammock can be the ideal addition to your home if your cat enjoys lounging and taking in the scenery. These unusual wall-mounted cat swing shelves stimulate your cat’s innate climbing abilities and give them a comfortable place to unwind. Additionally, they are ideal for compact homes or apartments because they utilize vertical space.

11 Best Cat Hanging beds:

1. Wall-mounted cat hammock by Furmia

Wall-mounted cat hammock by Furmia

The solid rubberwood used to construct the structure of the Furmia Cat Hammock is not only extraordinarily sturdy and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the hammock’s fabric is made entirely of cotton, making it nice and cozy for your cat. Additionally, it is simple to remove and hand-washable, allowing you to keep it looking brand-new.

2. FUKUMARU Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf and Cat Hammock

FUKUMARU Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf and Cat Hammock

 It is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a straightforward, no-frills cat hammock. Your wall may be easily attached to this hammock, which offers a comfortable spot for your cat to relax. Additionally, it is straightforward to install, and the cloth can be taken off to be machine-washed.

The FUKUMARU Cat Hammock is also available in various colors to fit your interior design. The hardware is only suitable for mounting on brick or concrete walls, which is a downside. To safely erect this hammock, you’ll need to buy drywall anchors and matching screws if, like the majority of people, your home has drywall

3. 7-Wall-mounted cat shelf with two steps by Ruby Road

7-Wall-mounted cat shelf with two steps by Ruby Road

If you’re searching for a hanging cat bed with a little more height, the 7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Shelf with Two Steps is a great choice. This hammock is wall-mounted with two stairs so your cat can ascend to their preferred perch.

The entire set is manufactured from sustainable, eco-friendly wood, and the 100% cotton hammock can be hand-washed.

Additionally, the installation instructions are simple and easy to understand. However, some reviews have pointed out that not all types of walls can be used with the hardware offered. In addition, some individuals may not find the steps as solid as they would like.

4. Hammock for Purife Cats

Hammock for Purife Cats

The Purify Cat Hammock is a straightforward, wall-mounted cat bed swing that won’t take up much room. It has a reversible flannel and linen mat that’s ideal for year-round usage and is constructed from solid beech wood. The installation hardware for the Purife Cat Hammock is also included; it just takes a few minutes to set it up.

The Purify Cat Hammock has the drawback of not being as durable as some of the other alternatives on this list. Additionally, because it can only support up to 25 pounds, it is not advised for giant cats.

5. Bed for Cats in Megidok

Bed for Cats in Megidok

If your cat is vast, you’ll need a wall-mounted cat bed that can support a lot of weight. The solid wood Megidok Cat Wall Bed can support up to 44 pounds. It also has a resilient canvas sleeping surface and strong iron support bars.

With this two-in-one set, your cat may climb up and relax or nap on the wall-mounted cat hammock and shelf.

6. Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf by Yiotl

Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf by Yiotl

The Yiotl Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf will give your cat a comfortable spot to rest, play, and lounge. This solid wood, handcrafted hanging cat bed has a wall-mounted cat bed, a bridge, and a shelf.

It’s the ideal method to clear up floor space in your home while providing your cat with some vertical space. The hammock is composed of natural, non-toxic pine and is simple to put together.

Just make sure each shelf has a stud in at least one place. The bridge has one possible drawback: it sways a little, which may deter particular cats from using it.

7. Wall-mounted cat tree ROHUMTY

Wall-mounted cat tree ROHUMTY

Are you looking for a cat wall hammock with a few more features? The ROHUMTY Wall Mounted Cat Tree is the only option. Six separate parts make up this enormous cat tree, which includes a cat hammock, many levels for your cat to clamber on, and even a sisal scratching post. In essence, it is a cat tree that hangs from your wall and has a hammock attached.

The hammock’s soft, airy cotton construction is ideal for warmer settings. It is an excellent alternative for numerous cats or larger breeds because it can carry up to 77 pounds. Overall, it’s a terrific choice for cat owners with active kittens or households with multiple cats.

8. Macrame Cat Hammock from LIFIS

cat swing bed

You should look at the LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock if conventional cat hammocks aren’t your thing. This handmade cotton cat swing bed for the wall has a bohemian style and is meant to last. It’s ideal for adding beauty to your house and providing your cat with a comfortable spot to repose.

The hammock is created from odorless, non-toxic, 100% natural cotton rope. Two stainless screw eye hooks are also included for simple installation. The drawback is that it’s not as durable as other solutions, making it a poor choice for households with multiple or more giant cats.

9. Cat Hammock NEECONG

Cat Hammock NEECONG

The NEECONG Cat Hammock is quite simple, yet if you want a straightforward, uncomplicated hammock, it might be just what you’re looking for. It can support up to 45 pounds with sturdy metal brackets, which is more than enough for most cats.

Linen is cozy and enduring and is used to make the hammock. Additionally, it is machine washable for simple cleaning.

10. Wall-mounted cat hammock by VIASPACE

Wall-mounted cat hammock by VIASPACE

The VIASPACE Wall Mounted Cat Hammock is an excellent option for a functional hanging cat bed. It’s built of sturdy pine and can support up to 40 pounds, so even giant cats will fit perfectly in it. Additionally, VIASPACE has machine-washable double-sided cat bedding that makes cleaning simple.

11. Bridge Cat Mod Lounge

swinging cat bed

This bridge has a whimsical and adventurous appearance, as if your cat is exploring an enchanting forest or acting in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, thanks to the hidden bolts that give this hammock the appearance of floating and the twine railing decorations.


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