Why Is My Cat Hiding Under The Bed

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Cats are more curious than dogs they often need more space as compared to dogs that’s why if she does not around mean she is busy snoozing somewhere else or spending time with herself. But, if your cat keeps hiding under the bed, you may wonder why it is my cat hiding under the bed.

Well, it’s pretty normal if your cat is hiding under the bed, and you may not need to worry until or unless she does it more than usual. Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry because your cat may have behavioral or medical issues if she keeps on hiding under the bed. That’s why you need to show her to the Vet.

So, in today’s guide, we are going to discuss the quick reasons why your cat is hiding under the bed.

Why My Cat Is Hiding Under the Bed – Is It Normal?

Well, the answer entirely depends upon the various factors, and before to look out those concerns, it’s pretty impossible to figure out whether it’s normal or not.

Undoubtedly, cats are more sensitive than dogs and can feel the effects of change in the environment quite easily. So, chances are if you had just adopted your little kitten she would hide somewhere, especially under the bed. Meanwhile, hiding under the bed is a very tempting space for cats, so they are likelier to hide there whenever they feel shy, quiet, or lonely.

So, in general, it’s pretty normal if your cat is hiding under the bed, but it can’t be considered normal every time. That’s why before deciding whether it’s normal, you need to understand why it’s happening. So, in today’s guide, we will discuss the 5 likely reasons why your cat is hiding under the bed.

5 Likely Reasons for Why Cat is Hiding under the Bed?

1- Fear:

As a human, we don’t like anyone else to interrupt our routine, right? So the same goes for cats. It’s pretty difficult for them to get adjusted with the environment. That’s why whenever someone unfamiliar entered your home, she is most likely to get afraid. The reason behind this might be that they are feeling unsafe.

So, if your cat is hiding under the bed, chances are she is afraid of the next person and feeling himself safe under the bed. Meanwhile, remember that a cat is a natural hunter but can also be haunted. So, whenever your cat tries to hide under the bed, you need to understand that she is not comfortable and feels scared and as a result, hiding under the bed.

Moreover, a cat can also be getting afraid from loud noises, thunderstorms, dogs barking, other animals, strangers, unfamiliar or from any specific person. Even with a doorbell voice, they can act weird and can instantly hide under the bed. That’s why you need to measure his situation carefully.

2- Comfortable and Secure:

Cats not only hide under the bed when they feel safe; they can also hide there whenever they want to sleep. A cat can sleep 16 to 18 hours on average, and it’ll soften said that they found themselves miserable while sleeping so they just want to get a space that is quiet enough to not disturb them.

So, if your cat is hiding under the bed, another likely reason is that she just wants to spend some time alone, and hiding under the bed is her best choice as she feels comfortable there. Moreover, hiding under the bed means an ideal comfortable place to get sleep as nobody is going to disturb them there. So, it can also be said that they feel secure under the bed, so it could be their perfect place whenever they need to get a nap with a sense of security.

3- Stress and Anxiety:

In above mentioned both cases you don’t have to worry much, but you know if your cat is hiding under the bed. Another likely reason could be she is stressed or anxious. As a caring pet parent, you will also get worried about this so, how you would get to know that your cat is stressed or worried? Don’t worry here are the simple symptoms through which you can easily find out that your cat is stress and resulting in hiding under the bed.

Stressed could be due to changes in routine, renovation of your house or the addition of a new person to the family. Reasons could vary, but the symptoms of stress include appetite, clingy lines, not using litter box, or behaving unusually.

4- Illness:

The most alarming reason for your cat hiding under the bed is she is not feeling well and is sick. Yes, cats are really innocent creatures, and if they don’t feel well, they would hide under the bed in a quiet place. Moreover, cats can also hide the symptoms of their illness that’s why you need to keep an eye and help them to figure out the reasons and then solutions.

Meanwhile, if your cat is hidden under the bed for long hours, chances are you may have to say goodbye to her, and she is about to die. But wait, don’t panic. This isn’t necessarily happened in all cases. You should consult your VET right away, and possibly you would get the solution before happening anything unexpected. But, if you have an elder cat, you should be mentally prepared.

5- Pregnant:

Another likely reason your cat hides under the bed is she gets pregnant. Yes, this might be the reason why she doesn’t feel well and wishes to spend some time alone.  On the other hand, if you already have a pregnant cat, it’s time to welcome the cut kittens.

In both cases, you don’t need to rush out and force them to get out of bed. Let them spend some time alone but remember during all these procedures you must need to keep an eye continuously.

How to get a Cat Out of Bed?

You got the answer for why is my cat hiding under the bed, and you probably figured out the reason too. Now, you might be looking for how to get your cat out of the bed.

So, we must say you need to offer some toys, and treats to your cat so that they can feel comfortable and gets out of bed. Moreover, keep a calm tone while talking to your friend and lure them. Well, if none of them work, then you have to go there with your pet and then lean her softly, pet on his back with soft hands, and don’t forget to use soft words. This will overcome their fear and would probably get out of bed.

Remember, if this doesn’t work at all, then don’t force them before they feel ready to come out. Furthermore a comfortable and best cat bed for her will also help to you to get rid of.

When Should I Worry If My Cat Hiding Under the Bed?

Generally, you don’t need to worry, but if she has some health or sickness issues, then you may need to worry. Especially if your cat is hiding under the bed for long hours, chances are she is not feeling well.

If you keep on forcing your cat she may get annoyed that’s why you don’t need to worry more until or unless if it extends up to 48 hours. And, of course, if she gets there for more than 48 hours, she may feel hungry or dehydrated which needs to be overcome on priority bases. So, in this case, you need to worry and consult your vet as soon as possible.

So, Why IS My Cat Hiding Under The Bed:

Suppose your cat is hiding under the bed and you just consulted your vet, but she just said that all is fine. What next? Then you should consider specific health conditions and among all her mental health matters a lot. If everything cleared by the VET, then considers that she might be stressed, worried, or frightened which can be overcome by none other than you.

That’s why we recommend finding out the reason first and then checking out what you can do to get her back. Do let us know in the comment section how often your cat is hiding under the bed and how you help her to get out of the bed.


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