Do Cats prefer Open or Closed Beds?

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We all know that cats are pros at sleeping. They can sleep for hours and can take naps for longer hours. Furthermore, they also love to sleep in comfortable places. That’s why what else you can do is to provide them with a cat bed. However, before you choose the best cat bed for her, you must wonder about your cat’s preference. It’s because certain types of beds are available in the market, from caves to traditional beds. And this also made a choice much trickily and led to the question do cats prefer open or closed beds.

So, in today’s quick guide, we will discuss “do cats prefer open or closed beds” Deeper dive, you will also get to know some of the tips that will help you decide what type, closed or open, will suit you best to your cat. Buckle up your sleeves and read till the end.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Beds?

To quickly answer your concern, “do cats prefer open or closed beds” We must say cats are more concerned about the environment and often prefer to sleep or nap at more secure places. And the reason for sleeping in more secure or closed spaces could vary. You must know that cats are natural predators, so while sleeping, they prefer to choose places with fewer chances of getting prey.

However, according to Brian Badaracco, Director of pet Bedding Petmate “For nesters, a bed with high side walls and closed top will be inviting – it will provide the peace of mind and quiet he prefers” Furthermore, you must consider here that every cat has its nature and the way they deal with circumstances. That’s why your choice also matters whether cats prefer an open or closed bed.

Tips to Know Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Beds:

Well, as you have got the answer, but to make a well-informed choice and offer ultimate comfort to your cat, here are some tips to quickly decide whether cats prefer an open or closed bed. This will help you make a better choice and avoid regretting it.

1- Consider sleeping place:

The first thing you must consider to decide whether cats prefer an open or closed bed is where your cats love to sleep. Observing your cat’s sleeping place would make the decision lot easier. For example, if your cat loves to sleep in dark or quiet corners of your home, a closed bed might be the perfect one to buy. However, if you’re more often found your cat sleeping in open places like a shelf or on the floor, an open bed would be perfect for her.  

2- Consider sleeping position:

Another critical point to consider before choosing between an open or closed bed is your cat’s sleeping position or body language. For example, if your cat loves to curl or cuddle just like a potato ball, choosing a small bed or closed bed might be perfect. However, considering this factor will also help you to decide what type of mattress you should get for your cat.

3- Consider your home temperature:

Before deciding whether cats prefer an open or closed bed, consider your home temperature. This is an essential factor but often overlooked by many pet parents. Remember, the climate change or home temperature of your home highly influences the decision of choosing the right type of cat bed. For example, choosing a comfortable closed bed will be a good decision if you live in a more relaxed area and often find your cats sleeping around the chimneys or any other warm place. It’s because some cat beds also have a built-in heating system that will let your cat, which is highly beneficial for winter. However, it doesn’t mean that you always have to change the bed depending on the season because versatile cat beds are available in the market that can adapt to the changes in the environment.

4- Your cat’s personality matters:

Just like humans, every cat is unique. If someone loves to go around and play the whole day, then the other may not. The right choice also varies depending on your cat’s behavior. For example, if your cat has a shy or quiet personality, a covered or closed might be an excellent pick to ensure their privacy, comfort, and sense of security. Meanwhile, an open bed is a good choice for an outgoing or adventurous kitten who loves to climb up the trees and won’t get distracted by human interaction.  


Do cats like a hard or soft bed?

Cats love comfort. Their number one preference for sleeping would remain a soft bed. But, remember, it shouldn’t be too comfy or softer as it can cause specific health and joint issues.

Do cats like hard surfaces to lie on?

Yes, cats prefer hard surfaces for sleep. It’s because it’s in their nature, or they love the floor’s comfort, temperature, or scent. So, don’t worry if your cat is also doing it.

Do cats prefer small or large beds?

Cats love sleeping in baskets, vases, boxes, or any other place at home, as they feel more comfortable there. They would still love it even if they don’t fit into it.

Where do indoor or outdoor cats like to sleep?

An indoor cat loves to sleep in generally quiet areas or places with fewer chances of getting disturbed by someone. However, an outdoor cat can sleep anywhere in the home, either in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom or wherever you are.

So, What Type of Bed Do Cats Prefer, Open or Closed?

If you are stuck with us till the end, we are pretty much sure that you have got your best pick and can decide between “do cats prefer open or closed beds” However, it’s worth mentioning at the end that your cat’s comfort matters the most on which you shouldn’t compromise. That’s why we recommend you get multiple beds and place them at different places where your cats love to sleep. This will ultimately help you quickly decide “do cats prefer open or closed beds” so that your cat can get a comfortable sleep all year.


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