Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed? (Is it Normal)

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As a pet owner, it’s normal to see your cat sleeping on the bed, but if it exceeds more than usual or you didn’t sleep anywhere except your bed, you may get curious to know why does my cat sleep on my bed. Meanwhile, you probably don’t want to share your bed, or for some other reason, you don’t want to have your cat with you on the bed.

So, don’t worry. Here we will discuss some of the reasons why does my cat sleep on my bed. Deeper dive, we will also discuss how you can get rid of it. So, let’s get into it.

Is it Ok to Let My Cat Sleep On My Bed?

Well, the answer to this question completely depends on whether you are comfortable with the cat sleeping beside you or on the bed. Meanwhile, there is no specific answer to whether it is ok because it completely depends on someone’s personal preference. Your VET can’t also answer this.

So, it completely depends on you. If you are comfortable with your cat sleeping on the bed, there is no harm. According to research made by PubMed, there is no difference in the sleep quality of owners sleeping with the cat or without the cat. Meanwhile, age also didn’t influence the results. So, it is completely someone’s personal choice.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed? (3 likely reasons)

Suppose you were not at home and coming back, you found your cat sleeping on your bed. What would you imagine? Yes, it’s normal, as your cat might miss you or want to feel your presence. There could be multiple reasons for it. But what if your cat kept sleeping on the bed every day? Then your question about why does my cat sleep on my bed deserves to be answered.

So, let’s find out some of the quick reasons your cat kept sleeping on the bed.

1- Marking the territory:

Cats are territorial creatures, and the reason behind most of the acts involves this. If your cat is sleeping on the bed, chances have she just loved it and now marketing it as her territory. Your cat will sleep overtime on your bed or whenever she feels sleepy, she will get back to your bed. If this is something your cat is doing more than usual, then she is marking your bed as her territory. I

If you are concerned about her this behavior and don’t want that your cat sleep on the bed, then you must consider it and try to keep your cat off the bed. For this, you should keep the door shut from your roam. This will signal your cat that this roams and the bed in it is not for her, and she should stay away.

2- Disliking of her cat bed:

If your cat sleeps on your bed every time possible, she didn’t find her bed comfortable and is now looking for other options. The cat bed might be small or hard enough to lead your cat towards a particular disliking of her bed. Meanwhile, the location where you kept her bed also influences her decision about liking or disliking it.

To overcome this, you must examine your cat’s bed and check if something could lead your cat to hate the bed. Cats also love to have a cleaner bed or sleeping area. You must check each factor to ensure you’re offering your cat a perfect sleeping place. Moreover, don’t hesitate to do this if you feel your cat’s bed needs to be replaced. Your cat’s mental health always matters over finances.

3- Feeling secure:

If you have just got a new pet in your home, then it’s pretty normal for your cat to start sleeping on your bed. Cats often need more time to feel secure with other family members. Meanwhile, your cat is also a natural hunter, so looking for a secure place to sleep is normal for them.

So, if this is your case and you are still worried about why does my cat sleep on my bed? Then you don’t have to worry more. Over time, your cat will get used to the other family members and pet owners. All you have to do is to recognize your cat. Take time to play with her and let her introduce herself to the other family members.


Why does my cat sleep on my bed when I’m not there?

If your cat was sleeping on your bed when you were not home, she misses you a lot. Your scent on the pillow or the couch would let your cat assume you are around. And that makes them feel more secure.

Why does my cat sleep at the foot of my bed?

Cats don’t love overheating their bodies. That’s why while sleeping, they can start sleeping at the foot of the bed to normalize the temperature. Moreover, your cat might have a bit of territorial nature if she sleeps at the foot. Nothing else. She is just marking the foot area as her territory.

 Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Your head releases a lot of heat from there, and If your cat likes to sleep on your head, she probably finds it cozier. Moreover, another reason could be that she might love the smell of your hair.

So, Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed?

To wrap up today’s discussion, why does my cat sleep on my bed? It’s your cat’s normal behavior, and the three likely reasons have been stated above. Moreover, it entirely depends on you for which purpose you want your cat to not sleep on you’re, but it utterly ok if they do so.

Hopefully, this guide helps you out. Remember to share your thoughts on why my cat sleep on my bed.

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