How to Keep Cat Off Bed?

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Have you tried to sleep with your cat, but his little paws were disturbed a lot or even could hurt? Now, you want to keep the cat off the bed. There are several other reasons you want to keep cat off bed, whether you don’t want to feel cat cuddle anymore or want to keep him off for any other reason.

Here we have some proven ways to save you from this hassle. If one works for the other might not work for you, we have stated the best-proven ways for how and why you should keep your cat off the bed. All you need to do is, stick with us till the end.

How to Keep My kitten Off My Bed?

Cat is a super cute creature who loves to spend time with its owner. Suppose you got a cute kitten, and she is sleeping with you on your bed, but wait, is it ok? No, because once your cat gets addicted to it, it will be difficult for you to get away.

Well, we understand you are a caring pet parent and understand the importance of this matter; that’s why you have searched for how to keep my kitten off my bed so that you shouldn’t have to bear any consequences. So, here we have some exquisite tips for keeping your cat off the bed.

So, let’s find out about them together.

Ways/Tips To Keep Cats Off The Bed:

So, without further ado, here are some of the exciting and proven ways to help you out. All these will help you to keep your cats off bed. However, remember keeping your bed off be is essential because it will also reduce the risk of cat’s pooping on the bed.

1- Start at early ages:

One of the best ways to keep your cats off the bed is to train them at an early age. For example, if you had just adopted a kitten, this is a perfect time to train her and help her stay off the bed. Most pet owners prefer to have their kittens on the bed at an early age and later struggle a lot to keep them off.

That’s why one of the best practices is to keep your cat off the bed at an early age when they are kittens or adults. And one of the best ways to do this is to remind yourself and your cat of the no-bed rule. Moreover, it will be harder for you to keep your cat off the bed once she gets addicted to it. That’s why you should tell them not to sleep with you at an early age.

2- Get a cat bed:

There could be no other way to keep your cat off the bed except to get a bed for her. Most of the time, if your cat is sleeping on your bed, she may have found the bed comfortable and cozy, and by offering her a bed, you can get rid of it.

Moreover, cat beds are always good alternatives that will help your cat get the same feeling as your bed. This little space can also make them feel secure and comfortable every time, so they would easily get used to it.

3- Close the door:

It might seem cruel or unrealistic to you, but it’s not. Suppose, you just close the door when you are going to sleep and your cat is behind you. Signal she had gotten from this; yes, she can understand that she is not allowed to go in the bedroom. Once you stay consistent in this rule, she will easily get used to her little bed instead of you.

We strongly recommend keeping your room door closed when you are not around. This will help you to ensure your cat stays away during the day too, so there would be fewer chances for her to get addicted to your bed.

4- Make your bed undesirable:

Cats are addicted to comfort, and the biggest reason they keep sleeping in your bed is comfortable. Once you use a sticky double-sided tap on your bed or the spray on it, they will get a sign that the bed is uncomfortable and have to find another comfortable space.

Moreover, sticky taps or repellent sprays would let you stop your cat from jumping on your bed as the tape can feel sticky that will pull at their paws.

5- Be consistent and create a routine:

The biggest mistake you can ever make while training your cat to stay off the bed is not to be consistent. Yes, if you are struggling hard to keep your cats off the bed, we suggest you be consistent in your rules and make sure to avoid staying off at night and being allowed to use in a day.

With that, a standard routine consistent with your and your cat’s bedtime will let them understand that it’s time to sleep and that they are not allowed to go to bed. One of the easiest ways is to offer those treats, food, or grooming to let them know that you are going to bed where they are not allowed.

6- Give a no signal:

Yes, your cat can understand your language. For example, we gave little signals to our children by saying no that they are not allowed to do this. So, the same goes for your cat. You can tell them to stay away by saying no. they would easily understand it and will stay away from the bed.

Your feline friend is a clever creature who can easily understand your signals. Unlike any other word, they can easily understand that you are saying no and it’s time to stop. And in this way, you will keep your cat off the bed within a short period.

7- Give them access to other toys and furniture:

If your cat keeps jumping on the bed during the day, chances are she is getting bored. That’s why offering lots of toys and treats would help them to stay busy and entertained. Ultimately, they will learn to keep off the bed. Offering the other furniture to your cat will let you keep the cat off the bed.  

Remember, offering other furniture equipment would only include some of them around. But, it should be focused on specific furniture that would allow for stretching instead of your bed.

Why To Keep Cat Off Bed?

We have explained to you some exquisite tips and exciting ways to keep your cats off bed. But here we have some reasons for which cats you shouldn’t sleep on your bed.

  • The long nails would stretch all over your bed.
  • They can pee on your bed.
  • Suppose you are letting your cat stay on the bed. This means you are letting lots of hair float around. Meanwhile, you can also get allergic to this, or these little hairs can stick to your bedding. That’s why you should keep a cat off the bed.
  • Moreover, if you and your cat are sleeping on the same bed, chances are you could roll over her and hurt them, especially if you have a kitten and are also not used to its existence.
  • Sleeping with your cat can also be disruptive for many owners.
  • Most of the time, cats get more active during the night. It would be hard for you to sleep while your cat is jumping or to play around.


Is it cruel to keep the cat out of the bedroom?

No, keeping your cat out of the bedroom is completely ok, and it would not make you a bad pet parent. Meanwhile, it’s natural and usual to feel guilty, but there are certain reasons why you should keep your cat off the bed.

Can my cat sleep in my bed?

Well, it completely depends on you. If you are ok with it, your cat can sleep with you and on your bed. For example, most parents are allergic to cat or kittens’ fur, which can create problems. That’s why if this doesn’t bother you, your cat can sleep with you and on the bed during the day or at night.

Why is my cat obsessed with my bed?

You may have tried many ways but wonder why your cat is obsessed with it. Don’t worry; it’s pretty normal. Your cat may have found the bed soft, comfortable, and warm, or it probably smells like you. Anything is possible, but you can also keep them off by paying little attention.

What can I spray on my bed to keep my cat off?

You can spray special cat relent sprays to keep a cat off the bed. More often, eucalyptus or citrus-scented sprays could work best for you. This will create a beautiful smell around you and help you keep a cat off the bed.


Yes, cats might be stubborn, and you may find it daunting to keep your cat off the bed. But, sooner or later, they will accept the rules. That’s why you need to keep on trying. With time you will achieve the target of keeping the cat off the bed – all you need is consistency.

Our proven methods allow you to easily keep your cat off the bed. Remember to write which method works best for you in the comment section.

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