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If you have a cat that needs to wear a recovery cat collar after surgery or injury, you might be looking for an alternative to the traditional plastic cone. While these cones are effective at preventing your cat from licking or biting their wounds, they can also be uncomfortable, noisy, and obstructive for your feline friend. Fortunately, there are some other options that you can try, such as a donut cat collar.

A donut cat collar is a soft and inflatable device that fits around your cat’s neck like a pillow. It restricts your cat’s head movement and keeps them from reaching their wounds with their mouth or paws. Unlike a plastic cone, a donut cat collar is lightweight, quiet, and does not block your cat’s vision or hearing. It also allows your cat to eat, drink, and sleep more comfortably.

Buying Guide For Donut cat collar:

There are different types and sizes of donut cat collars available on the market, so you need to choose one that suits your cat’s needs and preferences. Some factors to consider are:

– The material: Some donut cat collars are made of plush fabric, while others are made of vinyl or nylon. You want to pick a material that is durable, easy to clean, and comfortable for your cat.

– The inflation: Some donut cat collars are self-inflating, while others require you to blow air into them manually. You want to pick an inflation method that is convenient and reliable for you.

– The fit: Some donut cat collars have adjustable straps or buckles, while others have velcro closures. You want to pick a closure system that is secure and easy to use. You also want to measure your cat’s neck circumference and follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide to ensure a proper fit.

1. Adjustable pet cone for cats from Super

cat neck donut

This cone will aid in preventing your cat from escalating a wound or injury that is currently healing. It helps break the itch, scratch, lick and bite cycle without imposing rigid limitations. The cone collar also stops your pet from biting other patients while undergoing dermatology or surgery.

A unique Velcro construction on the cone collar makes it simple to tighten and loosen. The collar won’t fall off or be yanked off, thanks to the design’s ability to hold it in place.

As long as your cat wears it, it won’t get tired and won’t interfere with its normal activities. The cone collar is soft, strong, comfortable, and long-lasting because it is composed of fine cotton flannel and PVC.

2. Pet Plastic Cone Recovery E-collar from Balboa

donut for cat neck

This E-collar with a clear cone will lessen the likelihood of biting and scratching at rashes, wounds, and stitches. Even though it will take some time for your pet to adjust, providing additional treats and displaying a positive outlook will be crucial to your cat’s recovery.

The cone is perfect for cats, kittens, puppies, small dogs, and bunnies. You can pick your favourite colour from a variety of colours available.

Your cat can quickly drink, eat, sleep, and use a litter box because it is comfortable and soft. Because the cone is light, your cat won’t have to carry any extra weight. Furthermore, letting your cat look about without resistance is evident. The collar can be kept firmly in place by pet owners and is prevented from tugging off or slipping off, thanks to the inventive bottom closure.

The cone can be folded flat for simple storage. Its overall depth of 4.7 inches and neck circumference of 7 to 9.2 inches makes it the ideal fit for cats. For maximum comfort, make sure to measure your cat before purchasing.

3. Protective inflatable collar by BENCMATE

donuts for cat after surgery

A comfortable and soft inflatable collar called a BENMATE recovery inflatable cat collar was explicitly created to stop your cat from biting or scratching wounded regions.

The cone E-collar alternative never limits your cat’s field of vision or prevents it from going about its regular business. This cone’s non-scratching and non-marking properties are a plus.

It’s perfect for animals such as cats and dogs recovering from surgery. You may also deflate the cone for simple storage and save room when not in use. The cone is also washable.

You may cinch the collar by adjusting the strap at the opening. Additionally, it is built of high-quality materials, making it strong, soft, and durable.

4. Elizabethan-style SunGrow Cat collar

kitten donut collar

Since SunGrow cat doughnut collar is fashionable, calm, and comes in gorgeous and appealing hues, it is the most excellent replacement for an ugly lampshade-style recovery cone.

Unlike conventional stiff plastic cones, a SunGrow collar is soft and doesn’t generate annoying noises when knocked against the floor or a wall. Furthermore, unlike many inflatable cones, you won’t have to worry about getting punctured.

Feather-soft pads on this recovery cone collar are sturdy for maximum comfort. Its high-quality and durable fabric and foam are unaffected by pet chewing, scratching, or water spills. It features reinforced stitching to ensure the cone collar is strong enough and doesn’t break apart. It can also be washed, has visible stains and grime, and dries by airing out.

You can adjust the loop-style wrist closures to tighten or loosen the collar for the perfect fit. Be careful to measure your cat’s neck before purchasing the collar because it is appropriate for cats with a 9 to 10 inches channel.

 5. Noah’s Alfie Pet Recovery Collar

cat recovery donut

Your cat won’t immediately traumatise an injured area or surgical site by clawing or chewing at it if you use an Alfie Pet Recovery Collar to stop this. It will assist in keeping your cat safe as she recovers.

It is velvety and incredibly light to keep your cat happy and from gaining weight. The cone collar could prevent your cat from sleeping, eating, or drinking regularly. It works well for both dogs and cats. The collar is firm thanks to the unique, adjustable snap closure’s snug fit. The sunflower pattern also gives the collar a beautiful and appealing appearance.

The good news is that this collar doesn’t produce any noise when it touches walls, floors, or other things.

It is machine washable and available in a variety of colors. The collar’s total depth of 6.5 inches and neck circumference range from 9.25 to 10.75 inches, ideally fitting cats.

 6. Plastic pet cone that is vibrant

diy cat donut collar

The Vivifying Pet Cone has a distinctive appearance and is chic and sophisticated. After an injury or surgery, it will stop your cat from licking and biting the wound. Additionally, the cone is perfect for other general body care tasks like showering or nail trimming.

It fits animals with a neck circumference of 6.7 to 9 inches and a depth of 4 inches, including cats, pups, and small dogs. So, before purchasing the cone, make careful to measure your cat.

Three pairs of snaps on the cone make it simple to put on and take off and let you change the size to fit the size of your cat’s neck. Additionally, the cone collar is more stable and balanced thanks to the twin snaps. Because it is made of high-quality PVC, it is lightweight and won’t wear out your cat. The plush flannel rims will make your cat feel quite comfortable.

 7. Minor Dog and Cat Recovery Collar by KUDOS

cat collar donut

The KUDES Cat Small Dog Recovery Collar is the ideal cone if you want something that doubles as a charming costume. Extra-small, small, medium, and big sizes are available for this vibrant collar. This cone is simple to put on and secure, making it appropriate for tiny dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies.

You must measure the cat’s neck to ensure the collar is the right size. After slipping on the cone, you can modify it by tugging the string until the size is right by pressing the button on the line. It won’t hinder your cat’s view, interfere with feeding or drinking, and is soft, comfy, and lightweight.

Only upper body wounds or injuries should be protected with this cone. Avoid using this medication if you need it to treat paw injuries because your cat will still be able to use its paws.

It would help if you first kept an eye on your cat to ensure that it is on correctly and securely without being unpleasant because some cats might be able to rip it off their neck.

 8. Soft, adjustable cat recovery collar from Amakunft

cat recovery donut collar

Another attractive choice that may be worn as a cone and a costume, if you like, is the Amakunft Adjustable cat neck donut Cone Collar Soft, Cat Recovery Collar. It comes in various amusing forms, including those of pineapple, toast, avocado, doughnut, egg, and peach.

The material is soft and fluffy for comfort and is machine washable. It is stuffed with cotton. During rehabilitation, your cat can rest and unwind on this cone, which is a comfortable pillow. Pull the brief string to the appropriate size to customize.

Only upper body wounds or injuries can be treated with this cone; cannot be treated paw wounds with it. It is easily adjustable but only available in a variety of sizes. This cone is an excellent substitute for harsh plastic cones, and your cat will also look adorable.

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