How to Get Cat to Sleep in Cat Bed? – Effective Techniques

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We all know how picky cats regard their environment and everything they do. How about if you got the best cat bed and tried to get your cat to sleep on it, but your cat refuses to do it? This can be daunting; you must wonder how to get cat to sleep in cat bed. No worries, we are here to help you with our exquisite proven tips for “how to get a cat to sleep in a cat bed.”

Remember, various factors involved in letting your cat sleep in her bed that we will discuss in today’s detailed guide. However, only the right technique with patience and consistency can help you throughout the process. So, without further ado, let’s dig in and find out “how to get cat to sleep in cat bed.”

Tips – How to Get Cat to Sleep in Cat Bed?

Learning how to get cat to sleep in a cat bed is not that difficult. If you struggle to do so, it might be because you’re not using the right technique. All you need is to know the hidden tips and tricks to help you in doing but a better way. Furthermore, you could want to train your cat to sleep in her for several reasons, whether you want to keep her off the bed or give her a relaxing, cozy place to sleep at night. It all becomes possible.

So, read on to find “how to get cat to sleep in cat bed,” where, with our proven tips, you can also convince your cat to sleep in her cat bed.

Choose the right bed:

Various cat beds are available in the market, which doesn’t mean you would buy any of them. If you do so, you will regret it because choosing the right type of bed for your feline is the first and foremost step you need to take to learn “how to get a cat to sleep in a cat bed” That’s why you must choose a cat bed that resonates with her needs. For example, if your cat loves to sleep just like a ball, then a small cat bed is her need to feel more comfortable. Meanwhile, if your cat prefers to sleep in hidden or safer places, choosing the best cat cave bed or hooded bed will be the best bet.

Good to Know: While choosing the bed, you need to make sure you’re considering every factor, from her sleeping position, place time, area, and many other factors.

Choose the right location:

After choosing the right cat bed, the thing that matters the most is where you place that bed. That’s why you need to spot an ideal location where your cat could feel more comfortable. We can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is and how large it affects your cat’s decision while convincing you to use a cat bed. For example, if your cat loves to sleep in open areas or high tops, placing the bed on the bookshelf, windowsill, or any other higher-top piece of furniture might be a good idea. Meanwhile, some cats also prefer to sleep in direct sunlight or maximum light; in that case, you must prefer placing the cat bed at the most suitable location. However, among all, we would highly encourage you to notice where your cat’s are sleeping or prefers to sleep. Then placing the cat bed at the exact location will make this task lot easier.

Make the bed appealing:

Making the cat bed appealing is the most effective technique to try out. As we all know, cats are pickier and don’t get used to anything easily until or unless they find it too fascinating. Meanwhile, cats are also curious creatures by nature, and by making the cat bed appealing, you will grab her attention, and she will be more curious to explore. That’s why to get a cat to sleep in a cat bed; you may fluff it up or arrange the cushioning or pat the bottom – this will increase the curiosity level in a cat to try it out. Furthermore, if your cat prefers to sleep with you, placing your scent or carrying something that has your scent (just like your old shirt or blanket) will also be an effective way to make the bed more appealing. Depending on her nature, you can also try plenty of other ways to excite your cat, but don’t forget to give her lots of praise during the process.

Make other spots undesirable:

Making your cat bed desirable is recommended, but making all the other spots undesirable or unwanted is also recommended. For this, you can use any harmless deterrents at the spots where they were used to get sleep. For example, if your cat loves to sleep in the fresh laundry or on the furniture, then you can use a spray on them to make it desirable. Here we highly encourage you to use natural citrus spray, just like mixing the apple side vinegar with water, as their smell will make it undesirable, and your cat will prefer to stay away. You can also try out any other spray from the market but make it shouldn’t be toxic for cats and avoid spraying it directly on the cat. However, if it’s doable, closing the doors or blocking the access is the easiest way to stop your cat from going to that area.

Fix the location:

Yes, you don’t need to change the bed location often. Just pick up the location and stick to it so that whenever your cat feels like sleeping, she immediately goes to where the bed was placed. It’s more because, eventually, your cat will start feeling comfortable at that place, and the more she gets comfortable, the easier it will be for you to get a cat to sleep in the cat bed. If you are unsure where your cat will prefer to sleep, you can buy more than one cat bed and then try placing it at different locations in the home and let your cat choose where to sleep.

Be gentle and use treats:

Undoubtedly, forcing your kitten to sleep in a cat bed will never be a good idea. If you try to do so, your cat will eventually start hating the bed rather than getting used to it. That’s why you must be gentle, as cats respond much better when you speak to them with kindness and love. Furthermore, it’s no more a technique that treats always works as a wonder to help your cat get to sleep in the cat bed. When every other technique gets failed, treats can perform best. So, try to be gentle with your feline friend by saying good girl, good job, or just calling her by her name. Give your cat some time to feel more comfortable with it, and don’t rush out of the process. Sprinkle some treats over the bed, and you’ll be good to go.

The bottom line:

Wrapping up today’s discussion, “How to get cat to sleep in cat bed,” with a note that if none of these techniques had worked for you, you also don’t need to get disheartened. Let them sleep wherever they feel comfortable and be humble, kind, and generous towards the cat. It would help if you kept trying; sooner or later, she will get used to her bed. Must read our detailed guide on why a cat won’t sleep on her bed to explore more reasons.

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