Why Won’t my Cat Sleep in Her Bed – 5 Surprising Reasons

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So, you got a beautiful bed for your cat, but your cat is not sleeping on it. This would lead you towards a leading concern: why won’t my cat sleep in her bed? This concern would also cause some other caution in convincing her to use her bad. That’s why here in today’s guide, we will talk about some of the most common reasons your cat won’t sleep in her bed. After knowing the reasons, we are confident you will be able to find a solution too. So, let’s get a deeper dive into it and find out the answer to your concern of why won’t my cat sleep in her bed.

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Her Bed?

Not everybody wishes to have their cats with themselves on the bed, so your question for why won’t my cat sleep in her bed is fair. After all, you find the best cat bed for her and know she should sleep on it rather than your bed.

So, here are some of the most common reasons for your answer to why won’t my cat sleep in her bed.

1- Wrong selection of bed:

Cats are very selective in picking up food and their sleeping position, schedule or place to sleep. That’s why the biggest reason your cat won’t sleep in her bed might be your wrong selection of bed. While we talk about the selection of a bed, multiple factors are involved, including the right sizing, comfort and style. That’s why you must be careful while choosing any cat bed for her.

2- Not comfortable enough:

One of the biggest reasons a cat won’t sleep on her bed is that the bed is not comfortable enough. Cats love and prefer cozy and comfortable spots to sleep. That’s why if her bed is made with uncomfortable material, she will not prefer it and will use your bed. Moreover, if your cat’s bed is made with the wrong thing or low-quality material, it is insufficient for your cat, and you need to change it immediately. It can affect your cat’s sleep schedule and lead to other health or mental issues.

3- Wrong selection of place:

Since we are talking about the reason why she won’t sleep in her bed, here you need to remember that the problem is not always in the bed. It can also be in the place where you had placed your cat bed. Cats also have some personal preferences. Some of them would love to sleep in a quiet place. For example, under the bed, under the table, cupboard, near a vent or any other preferred place. That’s why before getting any of the beds for your cat, you need to figure out where she prefers to sleep and then place the bed where she already prefers. This will easily resolve your concern about why won’t my cat sleep in her bed.

4- Dirt or smell in the bed:

Imagine, being a human, would you prefer to sleep in a place that smells bad or lacks cleanliness? No, you wouldn’t. That’s why cats are also creatures that don’t prefer to sleep in any dirty area or don’t smell right. Some beds are made with low-quality material that might smell like a bed. Moreover, some pet parents don’t even wash or clean their bed more often. If you are some of them, change it right away. So, make sure to get a bag of fine, washable, too. This will help you to resolve your query about why won’t my cat sleep in her bed.

5- Wrong style and size:

Style and size are two features that pet parents often overlook, and they could end up buying a product that doesn’t offer enough comfort to their cat. As we all know, certain types and sizes of cat beds are available in the market, which doesn’t mean you would end up buying any of them. So, don’t consider what you would think about that bed; consider whether your cat would prefer that bed. Suppose you got a bed that doesn’t resonate with her size and is smaller or bigger, then she definitely wouldn’t prefer to sleep on that bed, and you would end up questioning why my cat won’t sleep in her bed.


Is it possible to convince my cat to sleep in her bed?

Yes, it is possible to convince your cat to sleep in her bed, as it’s all about the right strategy and how you introduce it to them. If you feel it is impossible to convince her to sleep in her bed, then it’s time to look for why your cat won’t sleep in her bed – stated above.

How to encourage my cat to sleep in her bed?

To encourage your cat to sleep in its bed, you must start with the placement of the cat bed. Place them wherever your cat feels comfortable or wants to sleep. Over time you can change the place too. Reward your cat and appreciate when she sleeps in her bed. Moreover, don’t change the cat bed position and place it on and off; choose the one and stick to it. Once your cat gets used to the cat bed, you can change.

The bottom line – why won’t my cat sleep in her bed?

Now, we have stated the 5 common reasons for which you got the query why won’t my cat sleep in her bed. You got the solution, too, because to end this query, you have to spot the reason and then resolve it as needed.

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