How to Choose a Cat Bed? – 7 Key Factors to Ensure

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We all are aware of the fact that cats love to sleep and nap. They can sleep for more than 16 to 20 hours a day based on whenever they can and feels to do so. And as a caring pet parent, you would never wish to destroy your cat’s sleep by choosing the wrong cat bed. That’s why your search for how to choose a cat bed is appreciated before you buy any cat bed.

So, in today’s guide, we will talk about how to choose the best cat bed that serves the purpose, and you won’t regret paying. Deeper dive, we will talk about all those factors that will help you to make the best choice and help you to get the best out of your buck.

How to Choose a Cat Bed?

Giving an ordinary bed to the cat for sleep will never be the purpose of any parent. Meanwhile, your cat would also wish to get a cozy space to sleep and to whom she can call. That’s why we have put together a complete guide for “how to choose a cat bed,” considering all those points and factors that will make you feel your cat happy.

So, buckle up all caring pet parents, and let’s get a deeper dive into how to choose a cat bed.

1. Material:

The first factor you should check to know “how to choose a cat bed” involves the right material. Many pet parents are not aware of the material they should choose, so they would end up having the wrong purchase. Suppose your cat is allergic to a certain material or fabric; meanwhile, you have chosen a cat bed made from the same material. What would happen? It will increase the chances of allergic reactions in your kitten. That’s why you must know which material your cat is allergic to and what else you can do to make your choice more beneficial. However, we recommend you get a cat bed made from high-quality natural fabrics such as cotton, feathers, wool, wood, and fur. Cat beds made from all these materials are considered safer and have fewer chances of getting an allergic reaction.

2. Washability:

While considering the factors for “how to choose a cat bed,” don’t forget to prioritize your comfort with the cat’s comfort. For example, if a cat bed is completely machine washable, it will save you lots of hassle. We recommend you try the ones with removable or washable covers to clean. This will also help you to replace the cat bed more often as you can easily remove and wash it. Furthermore, putting the whole bed into the machine for cleanliness must be your go-to choice. It’s worth mentioning here that beds with removable covers or machine washable have both pros and cons in it. You can also go for furniture-style fabric that doesn’t trap pet hair. However, the ease of cleaning is a must to reduce the risk of future bacterial infections by ensuring cleanliness.

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3. Heated:

Almost every cat loves to sleep in warm places. More specifically, why everyone loves to sleep in beds involves the warmth they would get. That’s why while choosing a cat bed, you should check if the cat bed is heated, especially in winter. Remember, there are certain resources for a heated cat bed. Some are electrically heated, some are microwave heated, and some are heated with your cat’s body. However all these would serve the purpose of comforting your cat but don’t forget to consider which one is best to ensure it won’t get overheated and to protect it from any incident. Furthermore, if your cat has arthritis or is aged, a best heated cat bed will be a must.

Before you choose; must know are heated cat beds safe.

4. Size:

Every cat is different in size, so choosing the right bed also involves considering the size. Here we would recommend you get a bed with an average size which is not too big or not too small. A small bed will not provide enough protection for your cat, and she will struggle to move around while sleeping. Meanwhile, a large bed will also not be a good choice as it will not provide enough comfort to your cat. Remember, choosing the right size of cat bed also involves your cat’s sleeping position, place, or style. For example, if your cat loves to sleep just like a potato ball, then choosing a small bed will be a good choice to ensure cat comfort.

5. Style:

Different styles of cat beds are available in the market, from cave, heated, and window perch to heated. However, it doesn’t mean you would buy any of it. It would help to consider your cat’s preference for comfort to make sure you choose the right cat bed. For example, certain beds are available with tassels, beads, and others styling on them that will look cute but won’t provide enough comfort to your cat, where comfort over style will always be your priority. Furthermore, different color options and patterns are also available, so you should consider matching the bed with your room pattern to not destroy the look.

6. Place:

Your cat sleeping placement highly influences choosing the right cat bed. Many pet parents overlook this factor as they consider placing a cat bed where they feel comfortable. This is not the case, and you must consider your cat’s sleeping place. For example, climbing to bed is a good idea if your cat prefers to sleep in high places. Furthermore, if your cat loves to sleep near the window, choosing a window perch cat bed is your best. So, in general, the answer to where your cat loves to sleep will also help you determine which cat bed is best suited for her needs so that she will enjoy sleeping at her favorite spot.

7. Durability:

You can’t purchase a bed again and again, right? That’s why you must consider how durable a cat bed is, and the best cat beds offer a longer life span. For example, your cat can also get addicted to starching or biting, and if this is the case, then you should also check whether the cat bed you are choosing can support your cat’s habits, and you will not have to purchase it again and again. Furthermore, if you choose a window perch cat bed, it’s crucial to consider the durability factor, as the chances of a drop to the floor are higher than others. However, choosing a wooden bed also involves checking the wood it’s made from and how long it can be used.

Ready to Choose a Cat Bed?

Summing up today’s discussion with a note, every cat has its own specific needs that you must consider before choosing a cat bed for her. However, we have mentioned the 7 key factors to check that will help you know how to choose a cat bed.

Remember, certain other factors also involve choosing the right cat bed. For example, you consider your cat’s health, age, illness, etc. that you should consider. Generally, we have stated the key factors, and we hope you have also learned how to choose a cat bed.


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