How to Wash Cat Bed (With or Without a Machine)

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Just like humans, pets love sleeping in clean places or beds. When it’s often said that a cat can sleep for 16 to 20 hours a day easily, keeping it in a dirty or unclean place to sleep is never a good idea. It’s not good for their hygiene or physical health either. Almost all the best cat beds are washable; your concern about how to wash cat bed is pretty fair.

That’s why we will talk about how to wash cat bed in today’s guide. All of these will help you to make it clean with safety measures. So, let’s dig in.

How to Wash Cat Bed?

Washing a cat bed will increase the bed’s lifespan and help your cat and you get rid of many diseases. That’s why getting a machine-washable cat bed is always recommended. Don’t worry whether your cat bed is machine washable; here, we have you covered by stating both methods.

Let’s walk through the process and find out how to wash cat bed without further ado.

1- How to machine wash a cat bed?

Before digging in, check whether your cat bed is machine washable. For this, we recommend you remove the upper cushion of your cat bed. Inside the cushion, a tag will let you know whether the cat bed is machine washable. Furthermore, you can also find here what cycle you should use and how many times. Almost all the cat beds are machine washable, but some of them don’t offer machine washing. It’s not worth buying such beds, especially if you are busy.

Step 1: Remove the cover:

Now, once you figure out whether your cat bed is machine washable, you need to remove the upper cover of your cat bed. It’s worth mentioning that all cat beds don’t offer separate or removable covers, but if you have such one, it’s good to take it off and wash it separately. Such beds have separately attached the cover with a button or close zippers. All you need to do is to take them off before washing them.

Tip: Removing all the debris, vomit, coat, or feces from the bed cover before you wash is best. It will make the washing process easier and faster.

Step 2: Pour Water and Detergent into the machine:

The next step for “how to wash cat bed” involves pouring water and detergent into the machine. Here we recommend you use cold water for the first and foremost machine cycle – not warm. And for a detergent, it’s highly recommended to use an adequate amount of detergent, which is safe for your cats. It’s because all human detergents are not safe for pets due to the chemicals and fragrances used.

Tip: Pre-soaking the cat bed is always a good idea in case there are stains on the bed. Furthermore, using the spray for up to 10 minutes can also be helpful in spot and stain treatment. But it must be pet friendly.

Step 3: Wash and Dry

The third and final step to learning “how to wash cat bed” is washing and drying the bed in the machine. At this stage, please read and follow the labeled instruction on the bed the manufacturer gives. Reading them will help you understand how to machine wash a cat bed and how many minutes you should give a cycle. After that, some manufacturers encourage drying in the machine or recommend air drying. You can read all this information on the cat bed’s label or packaging.

Tip: We recommend you give a low heating and short cycle in the dryer; otherwise, air drying the cat bed is always recommended. So, hang it in the sun to get a refreshingly clean and dry cat bed.

2- How to wash a cat by hand?

Suppose your cat bed is not machine washable; what would you do further? Don’t worry. You can still wash your cat’s bed by hand. You can use a bucket, bathtub, sink, or anything else to catch the water.

Step 1: Fill the bucket with water and pour detergent

First, fill the bucket, sink, or large tub with cold water. How much water you need could vary depending on the bed size. That’s why to fill an appropriate amount of water into the bucket. Next, pour the pet-safe detergent into the water until you get the soapy mixture.

Tip: If you find any fleas on the bed, use hot water and let it for a few hours before you machine or hand wash a cat bed.

Step 2: Spot and remove the stains

Until the bucket is filled with water and dissolving the detergent into it, you should spot the stains and spots on the bed. You can spray or soak in the water for up to 10 minutes. This will make the following washing procedure easier.

Step 3: Hand wash and dry

You can start washing the bed by using a soft sponge or your hands. Rub the bed thoroughly and all over the areas, specifically focusing on the dirty or spotted areas. Furthermore, rinse it with clean water until all the detergent goes off and nothing is left. Once done, now it’s time to dry the bed. If your cat bed is safe for a machine to dry, then do this; otherwise, place it outside in the air and let it completely dry.


How often should you wash a cat’s bed? 

It largely depends on your cat. For example, if your cat sheds a lot or produces oil, then her cat bed will often need more cleaning than any other. Furthermore, it depends on how often your cat uses the bed. The more she uses it, the more it gets dirty and needs frequent cleaning.

Why is my cat’s bed not cleaned even after washing?

It usually happens if your cat’s bed is filthy. That’s why if your cat’s bed is still dirty even after washing, you may need to repeat the process longer to clean it.

Do cats like clean beds?

Yes, just like humans, cats also love cleanliness. They would always prefer to sleep in clean places rather than dirty ones.

Helpful Tips:

Some helpful tips from our today’s guide “how to wash cat bed”

  • Look for the machine washable cat bed. If it’s not possible, then make sure to get machine-washable covers.
  • Every cat bed is created differently. That’s why I always prioritize the instructions given on the bed by a manufacturer.
  • Always dry the cat bed at the lowest temperature.
  • Make sure to spot and clean the stains or spots first for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Always use a pet-safe detergent that is specifically made for them.
  • Make sure to give it more frequent cleaning after washing.

Well, if you are stuck with us till the end, we are petty much sure that you have got the answer to “how to wash cat bed” as we had stated both “how to wash cat bed with the machine” and “how to wash cat bed with hands.” If you found our today’s guide, don’t forget to share it with others.

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