How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Cats?

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Bed bugs are the most common pest. If your cat has bed bugs on her body, it can make their life miserable. A caring pet parent would never wish for it. That’s why they always look for how to get rid of bed bugs on cats. Don’t worry. We understand your concern, and here we have a complete solution for how to get rid of bed bugs on cats more safely.

Before digging in, remember bed bugs generally don’t live on your cat’s body. They live around her resting places. It would be best if you focused on her resting, bedding or changing areas. However, it can be removed, but only the proper techniques would help you; otherwise, you will waste your time.

So, let’s dig in and find out the answer to your concern about how to get rid of bed bugs on cats.

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs on Cats?

1- Clean the cat bed thoroughly:

One of the first things you need to know about “how to get rid of bed bugs on cats” is to clean your cat bed thoroughly. Bed bugs often don’t live on the cat’s body only. They tend to hide only in beds, mattresses or some other areas. That’s why the first thing you can do to get rid of it and protect your cat from bed bugs is gently clean or wash the bed.  

Since we are talking about cleaning the cat bed, we want to mention here that regular vacuuming is also helpful in getting rid. If you make vacuum cleaning of carpets, beds, and mattresses your habit, the chances of getting prone to bed bugs will vastly reduce.

2- Discard the affected items:

Another powerful tip to the answer for how to get rid of bed bugs on cats is that she never hesitates to change her bedding over time. For example, if you notice unexpected bed bugs on her bed, buy another suitable best cat bed. Remember, your cat’s health always matter over your finances.

Among all, not only the bed but also the furniture or other belongings affected by bed bugs will always need to be replaced. You would never know where they still exist. So, changing and getting another one always remains the best choice.

3- Use a bug spray:

Another step to get rid of bed bugs on the cat is to use bug spray. This will help you get rid of bugs, eggs, and nymphs. That’s why spray the suitable bug all over her bed or on all your furniture.

Remember, don’t use random bug spray, which can harm your cat. For best results, use only the one which the VET approves. However, if you are looking for a safer solution, you should rub alcohol around your cat’s bedding or the areas where you have spotted bugs.

4- Use lures made for bed bugs:

It is another effective way to get rid of bed bugs, as they are generally attracted to carbon dioxide. Bed bugs prefer to live where they can quickly get carbon dioxide, so your cat can also get addicted to it. A lure trap might be an ideal pick to eliminate them. You can place this trap around your sofas, bed or furniture or any hidden places where the availability of carbon dioxide is possible.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning here that lure traps are generally expensive and can also run out after some time. That’s why the “how to get rid of bed bugs on cats” treatment by using lure traps can get expensive. However, using a glue trap rather than the general one works best.

Is It Hard To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs on Cats?

We talked about how to get rid of bed bugs on cats, and you might be clear now. But, is it hard to get rid of or not? Don’t worry; here is the answer;

Unfortunately, yes, bed bugs, once happened it’s hard to get rid of. You can never get rid of bed bugs on cats or in your home by simply spraying something under the kitchen sink for cockroaches. It means you can say it’s even harder to get rid of bed bugs; even the most extensive VET or parasite companies would not guarantee to expect results even if you get the two treatments for elimination.

Here are two ideal reasons why bed bugs are hard to eliminate.

  • The average life of a bed bug is 1 year, and a female bug can layout more than 113 eggs in her lifetime. However, the temperature conditions, blood meals, present host and other factors can increase these numbers even more. That’s why the number of reasons why bed bugs are hard to eliminate includes that they can quickly multiply and grow.
  • Another reason it’s hard to get rid of is that bed bugs have built their protection against pyrethroid resistance. It’s a chemical used to kill birds, insects or low-toxic mammals. However, bed bugs have built the inner pesticide resistance that makes them hard to eliminate.

We have concluded that it’s hard to get rid of, but still, it’s possible to do. You can apply the above mentioned techniques to get rid of bed bugs on cats. Now slowly but surely can help your cat.


Can cats carry bed bugs?

Bed bugs don’t prefer to live on cats’ or other pets’ bodies. If so, the period will be brief as bed bugs find difficulty in biting pets due to their fur. However, cats can still carry bed bugs, but more often, the chances of bed bugs are on their bedding or clothing – not on the body or skin.

Where do bed bugs come from on cats?

It largely depends on the area where your cat sleeps. That’s why where do bed bugs come from; lots to do with the cleanliness of mattresses, furniture etc. Moreover, bed bugs can also spread if your neighbours have them, especially if you live in apartment blocks.

Can bed bugs bite cats?

Yes, bed bugs can bite cats. The only reason behind this is that bed bugs don’t generally like the fur or hair of pets as they face difficulty biting. So, it has little chance to do, but still, it is.

Is there any shampoo to get rid of bed bugs on cats?

No, there is no specific shampoo you can use to get rid of cat bed bugs. However, if approved by the VET, tick and flea shampoos are still helpful. That’s why avoid using a human, dog, or any other shampoo on your cat or vice versa. Make sure to consult the VET before taking any initiative.

Do cats attract bed bugs?

Bed bugs prefer to host those places where they can easily find carbon dioxide and enough warmth. So, the cats, people, or any other pet’s body has everything they need. That’s why bed bugs can easily attract such kinds of bodies.

Where do bed bugs bite cats?

Cats have many furs, so the bed bugs prefer to bite them where they find less hair. So, the ideas for places where bed bugs bite cats include the belly part, ears or part of your cat’s legs. Furthermore, remember the less fur your cat will have, the more the chances of getting bitten.

Wrap up:

If you are stuck with us till the end, we are sure you got the answer as we have stated all possible methods you could adopt to learn how to get rid of bed bugs on cats. Before wrapping up, consult your Vet; if you notice any bed bugs on your cat. He could only suggest you the best possible solution.


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