Do Cats Need a Bed?

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Cats love to sleep, and it’s a fact that a cat can sleep around 12 hours a day, but what about their sleeping bed? A cat bed could be a perfect gift for your cat. That’s why to make their sleep schedule comfortable and bring ease into it, every pet parent would consider whether cats need or like beds or not.

So, don’t worry; in today’s guide, we will discuss do cats need a bed and what types cat beds do cats like. Deeper dive, you will also find out whether you should buy a bed for a cat. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Do Cats Need A Bed?

So, here is the answer to your first and foremost concern do cats need a bed or not?

A huge yes, cats need a bed. It could be a perfect addition to your cat’s life that will bring ease, not only in your life but also in helping your kitten stay organized. Most importantly, if you have multiple cats, don’t consider one cat bag enough for them. It would help if you bought a cat bed for every kitten separately.

Meanwhile, it might get trickier to get your cat used to the cat bed, but it’s only applicable for a few cats as others can adjust easily. So, if you have just seen a cat who finds it difficult to adjust to the bed, a cat bed is not a her need and just need some time to get adjust with it over time. 

Why Do Cats Need a Bed? – Reasons

To clarify your answer, here are some of the most common reasons why we think cats need a cat bed.

1- Shedding:

One of the most common reasons we think cats need a cat bed is that cats are shedding. Especially if you got a cat who sheds a lot, then a cat bed is your ultimate need rather than a cat. Usually, a long hair cat sheds a lot, and while sleeping or walking, their hair falls wherever they sleep. You would never wish to have that hair around your sleeping or cooking area. That’s why you must consider a cat bed essential for your cat and yourself.

2- Improve sleep:

A caring pet parent always wishes to bring ease and comfort to their pet’s life. You love your cute kitten and would prefer to get everything to make your pet’s life comfortable. So, consider the cat’s bed an essential, too, because it can help your cat improve the sleep cycle and get up more relaxed and happy. Furthermore, once you get used to the cat collar, changing or renovating your house will be much easier. Cats are sensitive creatures, and they feel every bit of change in their environment. And a home change will lead them towards stress or unexpected sleep schedule changes. That’s why you should consider purchasing a cat bed for your cat to save your cat from this hassle.

3- Create a designated sleep Place:

Cats can easily sleep 12 to 16 hours with some highly extinct power naps. But, sometimes, they sleep anywhere they find comfortable, under the bed or on the bed. Even sometimes, they just slept for hours in hidden areas, and you started struggling for where the cat had gone. This could be annoying, that’s why to save you from this hassle. It would help if you considered the cat’s bed as your cat’s need. Once she adjusted to the cat bed, she would come on the bed and start snoring whenever she fell asleep. In this way, your worry of getting lost will also reduce.

4- Arthritis problem:

If you have a senior or aged cat, you should not look for the answer to “do cats need a bed or not?” In this case, you must buy a bed for your cat straight away. It could be the best investment you could make to help your cat get rid of their joints problems. We highly recommend getting an orthopaedic bed if you have a senior cat.


Should you buy your cat its bed?

Yes, it would help if you bought your cat its bed. Regardless of whether you have only or more than one cat, it would help if you bought your cat its bed. If you have multiple cats at home, a separate bag will give your cat some privacy. Moreover, if you have only one, your cat will enjoy the quiet place at home to sleep.

Do cats like cat beds?

The answer to whether cats like beds or not; completely depends on your cat’s nature. Sometimes, cats don’t like cat beds because they are not a perfect fit or you didn’t get the perfect type. That’s why if you had tried a cat bed and your cat didn’t like it, don’t think that your cat didn’t like the cat bed. Change the bed and any other type to get a perfect bed-style selection for your cat.

What kind of beds do cats like?

There is no single answer to what kind of beds cats like, as it completely depends on your cat’s nature. A cave-style bed would work best if you have a cat who prefers privacy. Meanwhile, if your cats like to sleep in a cosy place, then a heated cat bed could be the best bet for your cat.

Do Cats like hard or soft cat beds?

Cats usually love comfort, especially regarding their sleeping style, position and place. So the same goes for their bed. They always prefer to have a comfortable cat bed. But, remember, don’t consider the quantity of filling wisely. The bed should not be too filled or comfortable that whenever your cat lies on it, it just spreads aside and leaves your cat without any support. The chances of risks would increase in such cases.  

Do cats like open or covered cat beds?

The answer relates to the environment where you would keep the bed. If you want to place the cat bed in a quiet area or near yourself, then an open bed is the best choice. Meanwhile, if you had placed the bed around a noisy area, then a covered bed is recommended so that they could rest peacefully.

Do Cats Need a Bed?

If you stick with us till the end, you must have the answer that yes, cats need a cat bed. However, your choice for a cat bed matters a lot to get her used to it. That’s why once you get a cat bed for your cat, ensure the right size, washable, and comfortable cat bed.

Hopefully, this guide has created some value in yours, and you got the answer to do cats need a bed or not. If yes, don’t forget to share this guide with another caring pet parent.

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