Types of Cat Collars – How They Differ?

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Collars are equally important for cats, just like dogs. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat. The collars can be an exquisite way to enhance their beauty. Especially when you want to give your cat a customized look, there is no other way than to choose among the right cat collars.

Though different types of cat collars are available in the market, making the decision is much more difficult for any novice owner. So, if you are some of those, you must be confused between all these types of collars and curious to know what purpose each cat collar has and how they differ. If so, read on to find out the complete guide to giving your feline friend the best cat collars.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into it.

Different Types of Cat Collars:

Choosing the right one among the different types of cat collars is as crucial as any other thing. It’s more than giving an identification tag to your kitten. It’s a matter of her safety. That’s why you can’t buy a cat collar that doesn’t meet safety standards or provide you with necessities to meet your or your cat’s needs.

So, to save yourself from this hassle, we created today’s guide, where we will talk about the different types of cat collars so that you can choose the right one.

1- Breakaway cat collars:

One of the best and safest cat collar types is considered a breakaway. So, no wonder it stays at the top of our list of best cat collars. Due to its quick-release buckle or clip, your cat will stay safe even if they are entangled somewhere. It means breakaway cat collars provide extra protection for your cat’s safety without compromising quality. More specifically, these types of cat collars help your cat from the risk of choking or injury. For example, if your cat collars are stuck into a branch or any other object, they can be easily released with a little force.

2- Flea collars:

If you live in an area where the risk of getting attacked by pests or fleas (tiny bugs that feed blood) is more than often for your cat, then choosing the flea collar among all types of cat collars is your need. These collars will help you stop the flea attack from spreading your cat’s whole skin as they emit gas or are made with chemicals that help destroy fleas on cats. So, flea collars act as a treatment for fleas that costs less than any other ointment cream and can last longer. Remember, flea collars are made with chemicals, so there is also a risk if your cat swallows a piece. Furthermore, it’s always recommended to use it with the advice of VET.

3- Personalized collars:

One of the third most important types of cat collars that stay on our list is I’d tag or personalized collars, and as the names suggest, there will be I’d tag replaced on the collar. Tag collars are best for outdoor cats but equally beneficial for any indoor cat. There could be no way to give your cat a customized look other than choosing an I’d tag collar. You can imprint your or your cat’s name with the phone number or address on it, which can help your cat to get back when lost. It’s also an exquisite way to give your cat a personalized look.

4- Traditional collars:

Traditional collars are also known as buckle collars that look similar to the breakaway collars and are somehow considered the same, but they are not. One of the biggest differences between these cat collars is that traditional collars don’t have a quick-release option. So, buckle collars can be a good pick for a dog or indoor cat but have never been recommended for outdoor cats. The risk of getting entangled or choked will stay because the owner must release himself. And if your cat tries to do so, she may get stuck and cause injury.

5- Reflective collars:

A reflective cat collar has your back if you have an outdoor cat. These collars are best to provide visibility to your cat as they come in bright colors that glow in the dark. So, whenever your cat is alone at night, the reflective collars help them to be visible on any other car, bus or vehicle. This means it’s one of the easiest ways to help others to spot your cat while lights out or in the dark and can prevent your cat from any potential accident or risk.

6- Elastic collars:

As the name suggests, elastic collars were made entirely or partially from elastic. Though they were designed or invented to help cats escape dangerous situations, using these types of cat collars has never been recommended. They carry a risk of getting stuck in a dangerous situation. For example, suppose the collar is stuck somewhere at the branch of a tree, and now your cat is trying to get out, but the elastic material they were made of can cause it to expand and would result in further injury.

7- GPS collars:

Suppose you have an outdoor cat who is always curious to explore more. GPS collars are the safest type for your feline friend. Due to the GPS (global positioning system) technology, you can track your cat using the phone app or a special sensor at the collar. So, this has largely reduced the risks of getting lost by your cats. Furthermore, GPS collars are lightweight and water resistant, and with their GPS technology, you can track your kitten in real-time.

8- Decorative collars:

Giving your cat a beautiful look is the ultimate desire of every pet parent, especially at events. So, if you are looking for a way to enhance your cat’s look, then decorative cat collars are the ones that are made for you. They were made from different types of materials, just like nylon. Remember, these cat collars’ main purpose was to meet your needs of looking for your favorite TV character or any other pattern of your choice to show your taste. That’s why you may have to compromise your cat’s safety. In other words, finding one that meets all beauty and safety standards is hard. Furthermore, the design is like the traditional collars, not a breakaway with a quick-release buckle.

9- Bell collars:

Your cat may or may not love the collar with bells, but a bell collar is the most effective way to protect her from praying to other predators. Some cat owners would be concerned about whether cats like a collar with bells or not. So, let us make it clear to you that the bell produces a sound of around 80 dB, and it’s not loud enough to disturb you or your cat’s hearing. And your cat wouldn’t even care about the bell in her neck.


What types of cat collars are best for an outdoor cat?

Breakaway is one of the safest cat collars for outdoor cats. An outdoor cat is more curious to explore different areas, and the chances of getting stuck at any branch of a tree or elsewhere are more often than any other cat. A breakaway collar helps you easily escape the situation due to its quick-release buckle.

What type of material is a cat collar made from?

Every collar type is made from different materials. Cat collars are usually made from synthetic nylon, polyester, fibers, or plastic. Each material is used in specific types of cat collars and is made by keeping all the safety standards.

What is the safest type of cat collar?

Any cat collar that has a breakaway buckle with them is considered to be the safest. All these kinds of collars help your cat to get some extra protection. Due to the non-availability of this feature, elastic collars are not recommended.

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