Why is My Cat Pooping On My Bed? (Top 5 Likely Reasons)

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Your cat is your beloved and cosiest place to rest at night after having a hard work day. You are also about to sleep and can’t wait to have a sound sleep. But wait, what is this smell? You suddenly realize that you also had a feline friend who may poop on your bed. Cats are undoubtedly the cleanest friends; they don’t like to poop anywhere except their litter box. Your concern about why my cat pooping on my bed is quite fair.

If you have just adopted a cat, then it’s quite normal if your cat is pooping on the Bed as potty training is not introduced to her. But, if you had a cat doing quite well but suddenly started skipping the litter box, then it’s time to worry, as there could be several reasons for it. Hang on, caring pet parents; here, we will discuss why your cat is pooping on the bed. Not only this, but we will also discuss the solution with you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why Did My Cat Poops on My Bed?

So, there could be multiple reasons your cat is pooping on the bed. One of the biggest reasons for it may include your cat is stressed or ill. Meanwhile, you also need to consider that if her litter box is left unclean, she would prefer to potty elsewhere rather than in the box.

Yes, not only this, there could be many more reasons for it which you need to consider. So, let’s find out all the reasons so you can get a detailed answer to why my cat is pooping on the bed. Deeper dive, you will also find how to fix it. All you need to do is, stick with us till the end.

Why Is My Cat Pooping on My Bed – 5 Reaons

1- Illness:

One of the first and biggest reasons for your cat pooping on the bed is her illness. There are several medical reasons behind it if your cat is using your bed for pooping instead of the litter box. Your cat may suffer from intestinal parasites, bowel syndromes, food sensitivity, allergies, diabetes, or even constipation.

These are likely medical issues for which your cat is pooping on the bed. Especially if you notice that your cat is having hard times or pain while pooping in the litter box, then it’s time to consider her illness first. For any illness situation, you should consult the VET so that she can suggest the best possible solution.

2- Environmental changes:

Cats are innocent and sensitive creatures who always deeply feel the environment’s changes. So, whether you are changing your home, renovating, or have some new feline friends. All of these would highly affect his behaviour of pooping.

Suppose you are about to go abroad and take your feline friend with you or take her home with a caretaker. All are quite obvious situations, and environmental change is quite obvious. That’s why one of the most frequent changes you would notice is its potty timing, or it could start pooping on the bed.

3- Stress:

Another reason your cat can start pooping on the bed is that your cat is affected by some emotional pain and stress. Suppose you got a new kitten which needs a lot more attention, and your cat is being ignored. This leads to a stressed mental situation in your furry friend.

Well, of course, she wouldn’t do this because she is taking revenge, but it’s just a way for her to show the pain as she is feeling insecure or stressed now. Meanwhile, she can also get a sense of fear from the new kitten; that’s why you need to be careful in observing how she behaves all that time.

4- Due to litter problems:

Suppose you had made a schedule for cleaning your cat’s litter box every week, but you just remembered that you need to make it clear this week. There will be a mess, right? And cats who love cleanliness would not love it, which would result in pooping on your bed. 

However, it is also worth noticing that you should clean her litter box on scheduled days and check it on and off to ensure that it is clean enough that your cat can use it freely.

Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning here that the cat’s litter box should be large enough for your pet so that she can easily poop there. Meanwhile, its edges should not be sharp to hurt her. All of these reasons could lead your cat to poop on the bed.

5- Introduction of new people:

Yes, if you are introducing someone to your feline friend for the first time, then she will need some time to get used to it. Cats also feel more stressed, anxious or scared than any other pet. For example, if you have just got a new kitten or any other family member, your cat is more likely to refuse their existence and would prefer to hide somewhere.

All of these situations would lead your cat to stay away from the litter box, and unfortunately, your bed will be the place where she will feel safe and, as a result, can poop on the bed. To avoid this bad experience of a cat pooping on the bed, you need to spend some quality with your cat so that she wouldn’t get a sense of being ignored and will also try to feel comfortable with a new member.

How Can Stop I Cat From Pooping on My Bed?

So, now it’s time to explore some of our quick tips to help you stop your cat pooping on the Bed.

  • Make sure to have more than one litter box.
  • We urge you to clean or replace her litter box every day.
  • Cats tend more often to tend with hygiene issues; changing or cleaning the litter box is essential.
  • Get a comfortable litter box, depending on your cat’s size, so that she can do the potty conveniently.
  • You can also try placing multiple litter boxes at multiple places, so your cat can poop wherever she feels comfortable.
  • Let the cat decide whether she wants to cover up the litter box.
  • Your cat may avoid the litter box due to certain bad smells, which can be overcome by using cat-repelling sprays.
  • You should also praise your cat if you find her using the litter box; for this, you can give lots of treats, toys or good words to praise that she has done something good.

Remember, if any of the tips mentioned above don’t work for you, you should consult your Vet because your cat is prone to medical or behavioural issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Hopefully, this guide has created some value in yours. If you have any other concern do writer in the comment section and we will be there. Don’t forget to read our recommendation of the the day; How to Keep Cat Off Bed? and why is your cat hiding under the bed.

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