10 Best Cat Desk Beds in 2023

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If you are a cat lover and a desk worker, you might have noticed that your feline friend likes to join you while you work. Cats are curious and social animals, and they enjoy being close to their humans. However, your desk might not be the most comfortable place for your cat to nap, especially if it is cluttered with papers, wires, and other items. That’s why you might want to invest in a cat desk bed, a cozy and compact bed that you can place on your desk for your cat to sleep on.

A cat desk bed can provide many benefits for both you and your cat. For your cat, it can offer a warm, soft, and secure spot to rest, away from the noise and distractions of the floor. It can also give your cat a sense of ownership over your desk, which can reduce territorial disputes with other pets or family members. For you, a cat desk bed can help you keep your desk tidy and organized, as your cat will have less incentive to knock over or chew on your stuff. It can also enhance your productivity and mood, as you can enjoy the company and cuteness of your cat without disturbing them.

But how do you choose the best cat desk bed for your needs? There are many factors to consider, such as the size, shape, material, design, and price of the bed. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of 10 best cat desk beds that you can buy in 2023. These beds are selected based on their quality, durability, comfort, style, and customer reviews. Here they are:

1. Cat Nest Bed Hepper

Cat Nest Bed Hepper

The finest cat bed to place on your desk is the Hepper Cat Nest Bed. The sleek, contemporary, round, bowl-shaped cat bed fits nicely on a windowsill, desk, or the end of the couch. Your cat will adore the soft fleece interior and the tall, secure walls.

The cat bed has a rugged, detachable lining that is machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning. For optimal comfort, the frame is comprised of flexible, moulded foam. Although the bed can hold cats up to 17 pounds, some owners of giant breeds report that their cats also adore it.

2. Frisco Hooded Zipper Cat Bed

Frisco Hooded Zipper Cat Bed

The most fabulous cat bed for the money to place on your desk is the Frisco Hooded Zipper Cat Bed for desk. The removable hood on the bed allows you to offer your cat more room to spread out or to raise it for more security and comfort.

The desk cat bed comes in a vibrant, vivid teal velvet that provides a punch of colour to any décor. The hood includes a zipper, making it simple to put on and take off. The inside cushion is composed of soft Sherpa fabric that can be machine washed for simple maintenance.

Best of all, you may get a few fluffy cat beds to place throughout your home because they are reasonably priced. The main drawback is that larger breeds might not fit in the soft cat bed

3. Strato Cave Wooden Cat Bed by Mau Lifestyle

Strato Cave Wooden Cat Bed by Mau Lifestyle

If you want to treat your cat to something special, the Mau Lifestyle Strato Cave Wooden Sphere Pillow Cat Bed is an opulent option. Your cat will feel secure and at ease in the circular enclosure, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks.

For improved visibility, the sphere contains slates and two openings. The inner cushion may be removed and washed in the washing machine for quick and straightforward cleaning and odour management.

The bed gives the appearance of high-end furniture thanks to natural wood. The cubby has a 20-inch circumference and can hold up to 14-pound cats. Large or heavy cats shouldn’t utilise the bed because it is elevated.

4. Self-Warming Cat Bed from K&H Pet Products

Self-Warming Cat Bed from K&H Pet Products

The Self-Warming Hooded Cat Beds from K&H Pet Products are the fantastic choice for kittens who require a little more warmth. The hood of the bed is detachable, so you can leave it up to provide your kitty with some privacy and security or take it off to provide extra room.

Your kitty may push up against the sides for a safe spot to cuddle because of the high sides and the side bolstering. The kitten can feel warm, and snug since the polyfill cushion contains a layer of metallic insulation that transmits warmth from the cat’s body heat.

The bed is available in two sizes, small (16 inches in diameter) and large (20 inches in diameter). According to several reviews, the hood drops and bumps the cat.

5. Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed from FurHaven

Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed from FurHaven

The FurHaven Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed desk attachment is ideal for a cool fall or winter day. Thanks to the comfortable tent shape and foam-insulated walls, your cat has a warm area to sleep and unwind while you work. Fearful cats can relax and feel secure within their surrounding walls with just one opening. The walls and the bed are covered with cosy polar fleece.

The base pad is detachable and washable for hygienic purposes and odour management. By folding it up, you can conveniently store the bed when you’re not using it. However, this bed only provides a little inside room for giant or heavier cats. Only kittens or small cats should use it.

6. Covered Frisco Slipper Cat Bed

Covered Frisco Slipper Cat Bed

The Frisco Slipper Cat Covered Bed is the most incredible cat bed for the money, even though it isn’t the cheapest bed in the world. It’s ideal for cats who want to curl up underneath things. Therefore cats who don’t like to do so probably won’t like this cat bed.

For durability, it has a polyester outer cover. A cosy Sherpa fleece lining is present inside to promote cuddling. You won’t have to spend much time cleaning because everything is machine washable.

7. Self-warming Bolster Cat Bed by Frisco

Self-warming Bolster Cat Bed by Frisco

Choosing the Frisco Self-Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed is a terrific idea. These cat beds are oval. However, some images make it appear round. It is made to reflect your cat’s body heat at them, effectively self-warming. You may position it a long way, making it a perfect fit for a desk. On desktops, circular beds usually only fit nicely.

Given the neutral colours, they should go with most home furnishings. Additionally, you may wash the entire thing quickly in a washing machine.

8. Modern round elevated cat bed by Frisco.

Modern round elevated cat bed by Frisco.

The Frisco Modern Round Elevated Cat Beds are standard round cat beds. But its modern form and little elevation make it more aesthetically pleasing. This elevated bed can be a good choice if you’re worried about how your workstation will look with the cat bed perched.

For cats who enjoy cuddling, the faux fur inner lining of the bed is a perfect option. However, it isn’t always as soft as Sherpa. The wooden legs will raise the bed slightly above your desk, making your home office modern. The inside pillow is machine washable and detachable.

9. Cave-shaped covered cat and dog bed from Armarkat

Cave-shaped covered cat and dog bed from Armarkat

Domed cat beds are the Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat & Dog Beds. Since the top is so high, it is cosier than other cat beds. It is perfect for cats who need a little amount of seclusion while sleeping, though.

The base is anti-skid and waterproof on the bottom. Both characteristics are necessary when you place them on top of your desk. You don’t want the bed to collapse on you! The interior cushions are made of velvet and are very thick.

It is incredibly plush and silky, ideal for any cat who enjoys cuddling. The bed is built entirely of polyfill for added comfort and toughness. The cushion may be quickly and easily cleaned in a washing machine.

10. Cat and dog beds with a front bolster in the Frisco plush style.

Cat and dog beds with a front bolster in the Frisco plush style

For senior cats or cats with mobility concerns, the Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Cat & Dog Beds with Removable Cover are fantastic options. Older cats may quickly enter and exit the bed thanks to its built-in entry dip and luxurious orthopedic cushions. The wraparound bolster offers additional padding for your cat to lean against and security for a nap.

The entire bed’s cover may be taken off and laundered for simple cleaning. However, the interior is made of a non-washable slab and memory foam.


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