How to stop my cat from peeing on my bed?

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You had a tiring day and now just looking for a peaceful sleep. Wait, what? You just noticed a smell and found your cat peeking at your bed. Well, this is the most frustrating issue you may face. You can ignore it once or twice, but if your cat keeps doing it. You may wonder why it is peeing on your bed and how to stop my cat from peeing on my bed.

You are struggling with the same kind of tense situation. Don’t worry. We are here to assist you. In today’s guide, we are going to share the proven steps for how I stop my cat from peeing on my bed and how you can do this exactly.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to stop my cat from peeing on my bed?

It’s normal for cats to start peeing on your bed rather than their litter box. And there could be multiple reasons for peeing on the bed. One of our cats also did the same behaviour for months. So, what we have just figured out and how we get rid of cat peeing on my bed is right there.

Let’s dive deeper and explore how to stop my cat from peeing on my bed. Before getting into it, remember stopping a cat from peeing on a bed, furniture, couch, carpet or anywhere else demands patience.

1- Visit the Veterinarian:

Although generally, cats start peeing on the bed for obvious reasons, this may sometimes lead to a medical issue. That’s why one of the very first steps you need to take in order to stop a cat from peeing on the bed is to visit your Vet. It may seem expensive to you, but remember; it would always work best if you visit the VET immediately before the diseases start processing.

A VET can suggest to you the best way for the likely reason for it and how to get rid of the cat peeing on the bed. Remember to prioritise your cat’s health over the finances being used on the VET.

2- Resolve litter box issues:

One of the most common reasons your cat may peep on the bed involves various issues with the litter box. The litter box may not be cleaned or not in the right place. That’s why you need to clean your cat’s litter box every and help the cat stop peeing on the bed. Moreover, keeping the litter box in an attractive place would also help him to get rid of peeing on the bed. Make sure the litter box is placed in a quiet area.

If your cat’s litter box is not in an appropriate size, she may also avoid it. It could be small or large enough to have your cat an unpleasant experience. That’s why you may have to change your cat litter box; replace it with a new and comfy one to stop peeing on the bed.

3- Give enough exercise:

Is your cat remains in continued distress or anxiety? If yes, the chances of your cat peeing on the bed would increase. So, once you resolve this issue, your cat will automatically stop peeing on the bed. That’s why you need to ensure that your cat is getting enough exercise each day to help her stop peeing on the bed.

We recommend giving your cat an hour of exercise daily, where exercise may include playing with toys, chasing a lure, or doing the same activities.

4- Make your bed undesirable:

Why your cat starts pooping on the bed involves the reasons for her liking your bed. As a result, she would start marking the bed as her territory. So, what else you can do to stop a cat from peeing on the bed is to make your bed undesirable. For this, you can use any scent. This will make your bed unappealing to your cat, and she will start avoiding your bed for peeing and would prefer to use a litter box instead.

So, blocking your cat’s access from your bed is one of the best things you could do to encourage and stop your cat from peeing on the bed.

How to stop my cat from peeing on my bed?

To wrap up, the whole discussion about how to stop my cat from peeing on my bed revolves around the reasons for peeing. Once you figure out the reason for doing it, it will be much easier to stop your cat from peeing on the bed.

Moreover, remember to keep your cat off the bed. The more she uses your bed or bedroom, the more likely he will start peeing on your bed. During the process, you have to keep lots of patience with yourself and don’t yell or shout at your cat if something unexpected happens.

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