How to Put A Collar On A Cat? (6 Quick Steps)

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Doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat. A cat collar plays a vital role in her safety? Suppose you tried a cat collar on your cat, but it didn’t work; probably your cat didn’t like it, or the way you introduced it to your cat was not quite right. So, this daunting task will lead you to how to put a collar on a cat.

Trust us, putting a cat collar on a cat is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is to follow some simple steps. With proper guidelines and procedures, you can make this process much easier. That’s why we will share some simple steps through which you can put a cat collar on a cat’s neck in a way that she would love and feel comfortable with.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Put a Collar On a Cat?

While you were trying to put a collar on a cat at that time, giving punishments or harsh words will lead your cat to accept the collar. That’s why you need to stay calm because this matter can easily be solved with the help of some treats or toys. Remember, only moderation and consistency is the key. Your cat is a sensitive creature, and she is more likely to be hurt by your behavior.

You must follow these simple steps to understand how to put a collar on a cat.

1- Introduce the collar to your cat:

One of the first things you should do to put a collar on a cat is to introduce your cat to the collar slowly. Yes, you don’t try putting the collar at once, and if you do so, it’s more likely that your cat will not love the collar and will easily get irritated.

What can you do in this regard?

First and foremost, put the collar in front of your cat and let her investigate it. Cats are more curious than any other pet. They always prefer and love to play. Please also put the package in front of your cat so she can explore and play with the paws. If your cat keeps playing with the collar, she will get associated with it and get a signal that this is something for her. So, the chances of getting annoyed with the introduction of a collar will be reduced.

Tip: scent a spray on the cat’s collar or rub the collar with your cat’s cloth; this will leave your cat’s scent on the cat. That’s why your cat is less likely to feel strange with the cat if she feels her scent on it, and she will own it easily.

2- Choose the time

Yes, the second most important step to putting a collar on a cat is only to do this at a specific time. Suppose you tried putting the collar on your cat while she was sad, sleepy, or not in the mood to do something, then the chances of getting annoyed by your cat with a collar will increase. And it’s quite obvious if she does so. That’s why we recommend you observe your cat and choose a period when she is most comfortable or happy. 

The most recommended time to put a collar on a cat when it’s first for her is to do it while she is playing or comfortably sitting with you because this would be the time when she will be happy and calm. So, the chances of unwanted reactions will also be reduced.

3- Get the cat and collar ready

Before putting a collar on a cat, you need to make it relaxed. When you have chosen an appropriate time, and your cat has also discovered that the collar is for her, making your cat relaxed is the critical step where you need to make sure to tell your cat that you are not a bad pet parent and doing it for her safety., pet your cat on her back; talk to her politely and reward your cat with her favorite treats.

Furthermore, you need to get the collar ready for your cat. To make the collar ready, you must remove all kinds of metal tags, collar bells, IDs, or accessories. Just keep it minimal. You can also adjust the straps and buckles of the collar before putting it on her neck. Yes, you can adjust the size later on, but to make the process easier and faster, you need to get the estimated size of her neck. For this, you can use a measuring tape and measure the size to adjust the collar accordingly.

Once done, you will be ready to go towards the next step: putting a cat collar on.

4- Put a collar on a cat:

At this stage 4, you are done with all the essentials, and now it’s time to put a collar on a cat’s neck. So, here are the simple steps when the actual process of putting a collar on your cat’s neck starts.

  • Start with soothing words like “Good Cat” or call her by name.
  • Try to sit where your cat’s face is right in front of you, and it is easy to access her neck.
  • Hold the collar in both hands and put it on your cat’s neck while using some soothing or appreciative words.
  • At first, your cat may take the collar for a few minutes or seconds, then will take her off.
  • All you can do is put a collar on a cat each time; eventually, she will understand the fact.

Suppose your cat keeps running; how would you do that? Don’t worry; probably, your cat is not ready to put a collar on her neck. That’s why you should try any other time. Otherwise, you can also try it by getting help from someone. Request someone to hold your cat in their arms. This will make the process much easier. Moreover, if she is consistently putting off the collar, don’t give her a treat and try again. This will signal your cat that she will not get rewarded if she is not wearing a collar.

5- Check the fitting of the cat collar:

Now, it’s time to check the cat collar’s tightness while she is wearing it. The cat collar must not be too loose or tightened. If your cat collar is too big or loose, then the chances are it may stick somewhere, and the cat will get hurt. Meanwhile, if it’s too tightened, then the chances of getting a wound will get higher. That’s why appropriate fitting matters the most.

How would you check how tight a cat collar is? Don’t worry. Here is the simple trick to it.

Slide your two fingers between your collar and your cat’s neck. If it gets easy and you haven’t suffered any difficulty, it’s a perfect size collar. But, if not, you must adjust the size by losing or tightening the strap.

Ready to Put a Collar on a Cat?

The key takeaways from today’s article on how to put a collar on a cat are;

  • Introduce a collar to your cat slowly, and don’t try to rush at once
  • Make sure to give your cat appropriate time to play with the collar and get used to it
  • Please choose an appropriate time and put a collar on a cat’s neck when she is most comfortable
  • Put a collar on your cat’s neck carefully; at this point, you can also take the help of a somebody
  • Make sure to check the cat collar’s tightening by placing two fingers into it.

Congrats! You did it!



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