Should Cats Wear Collars With Bells – Pros and Cons

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Your cat got addicted to preying on the mini creatures just like mice, and you are wondering what you can do to protect them from not doing it. Well, there are two solutions. Keep them away or use a cat collar; the choice is yours! But it doesn’t matter what your decision is. Here we have a complete guide for whether cats should wear a collar with bells or not. Deeper dive, you will also find some potential benefits and risks.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Is a Cat Collar With Bells Affect Their Hearing?

Before diving into the detailed answer of whether cats should wear collars with bells, let’s discuss your first and foremost concern “are cat collars with bells affect their hearing?”

It’s often said that bells affect cat ears, but the truth is, cat collars with bells only affect their ears if they are in a low volume of up to 50 decibels because it’s not loud enough to hurt them. But anything that goes up from there could cause serious issues. That’s why a wise and well-researched decision matters rather than considering it unsafe.

For a clear understanding of it, remember that a dishwasher has a sound of 80db; does it affect your kitty? No, it’s not, so how a bell with 50 to 80 db could?

Sounds fair enough! So let’s move on.

Should Cats Wear Collar With Bells?

To decide whether your cat should wear a collar with bells or not, you must need to know what collar bells can do for your baby and what are the ultimate benefits and disadvantages of cat collars with bells. All these will help you to get a well informed choice based on facts not on rumors.

So, let’s find out about them together.

What are the benefits of cat collars with bells?

  1. Undoubtedly, cats are active creatures who love to play around and hide in unexpected places. If you have a cute kitty, you will worry more about his loss, as she is small enough to forget about her home and more excited to play around. So, a cat collar could be a protective way to help you spot where they are. Suppose you have an adventurous cat that can get anywhere easily, so a bell helps you save them.
  2. Moreover, if you have more than two cats in a home, they might end up fighting each other; this can also result in severe injuries. A cat collar would help you to step up and stop the fight. Meanwhile, the bell can also let the other cat know that the dominant is nearby.
  3. One of the worst-case scenarios is that your cat can become addicted to preying on the mini wildlife creatures. And collars with bells are what save them from getting prey. Some people could disagree with this point and conclude that collars with bells won’t help your kitten stop preying the wildlife, just like mice. But they are beneficial as the bell sound can alert the mice, and they can run away to save their lives.

What are the Drawbacks of cat collars with bells?

  1. Yes, bells help the other mini creatures to alert your cat is around, reducing the chances for them to get prey. Meanwhile, this can also be a reason to alert the predators that your cat is around, and your cat can also get prey. Well, both cases are not 100% correct for sure that’s why you should keep your cat indoors rather than putting her in danger.
  2. Suppose your cat didn’t like the bell’s voice so she will get annoyed. That’s why she would try to get it off. Let’s say she was trying and get succeeded in doing what else she can do that might be curious to chew, and the little bell inside it can cause a choking hazard for your cat.

What Are the Alternatives of Bells on Cat Collars:

Well, what would you do if you don’t want to have your cat a collar with a bell or you tried, but your cat didn’t feel comfortable? You still have some alternates, which you can try for sure.

Your go-to option is “cat bibs,” it’s a bright fabric frill on your cat’s breakaway collar. The bright colors of these bibs will help the other creatures to get alert from the potential risk. You may not love the overall look of your furry friend after this, as the bright colors may seem silly to you.

Remember, these colorful bibs were helpful for the birds as they have clear color vision compared to other mammals. In contrast, mammals can’t see or differentiate colors clearly and still can easily get prey.

So, Should Cats Wear Collars with Bells:

Before deciding whether your cats should wear a collar with bells, you must remember that cat collars protect wildlife from prey. But meanwhile, you need to remember that cats are such clever creatures that they can easily learn to haunt without making noise. So, it’s not guaranteed that having a cat collar with a bell will surely end the prey from getting victim, but somehow it will help the mini creatures get active.

If you have a sensitive cat, she will get irritated by the bell voice soon. Sometimes, it also becomes scary, so it’s better to introduce a little to your baby before you decide whether your cat should wear a collar with bells. However, collars must be a go-to option if you have an outdoor cat.

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