How to Get a Cat Used to the Cat Collar? 6 Quick Steps and Tips

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You never know you get busy somewhere else, and your cat just ran away to play around but lost. This will be the most difficult and tense situation where you need help finding your cute kitty. But what about if she wore a cat collar? Yep, this will reduce the chances of getting lost somewhere as the one who will find it will give it back to you. That’s why getting your cat used to the collar is the most important for his safety and your concern for how to get a cat used to the cat collar is pretty obivious.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat. Here we have some exquisite tips and a procedure on how to get a cat used to the cat collar to keep your baby safe. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

How to Get a Cat Used to The Cat Collar?

If your cat is wearing a collar for the first time, it’s unusual and new for her. That’s why she needs some time to get used to it. With that, if you are worried that there have been a lot of days, but still she is not loving or getting used to i, maybe your strategy is wrong, and you need to change.

So, in today’s guide, we will discuss the 6 easy steps and some quick tips that will surely help you understand how to get a cat used to the cat collar. Let’s find out together.

(Step 1) Choose the right collar:

The first thing you need to consider is choosing the right collar. If your cat is not getting used to the collar, still after many days, the collar could be a better fit.

Suppose your cat is wearing a collar that is not comfortable enough; how would she get used to it? That’s why you need to choose a comfortable collar to not hurt him. For this, we recommend using breakaway or safety cat’s collars. As the name suggests, it’s a safety cat collar that remains on all the time, and with a GPs tracker, you can easily find out where your cat is.

Well, if we are talking about choosing the right collar, it’s worth mentioning here that you need to choose a collar by considering the aspects of size (adult or kitten), material (should be plastic), color, and some reflective qualities.

(Step 2) Put the collar on your cat:

Once you got the perfect fitted collar, it’s time to put it on your cat. Remember, while putting the collar on your cat’s neck, make sure to check cat collar shouldn’t be too big or loose that it may get caught in his mouth or neither be too fitted that it may get irritated or hurt him.

Well, if you are worried, how would you get to know how tight a cat collar should be? Don’t worry; here is the trick: place your two fingers between the collar and the neck for a perfectly fitted neck size, and then securely attach the collar over the neck. With that, make sure to cut the extra part of the collar once fitted to your cat’s neck size.

(Step 3) Introduce slowly: 

You might be excited to check how your cat will look after that collar, but you need to remember that don’t rush into it. Chances are she may get annoyed or may get scared by the collar. That’s why it’s always recommended to introduce a cat collar to your cat when she is calm and happy. Suppose you’re introducing it when she is stressed; how would you expect to react? You would certainly face resistance in this case, so it won’t be a good idea.

Undoubtedly, cats are curious to sniff and investigate the actual thing. That’s why before putting a cat collar into his, let him do the same. Just put the collar in front of your cat on the floor and let her sniff and play with it. Moreover, passing over your cat’s scent to the collar you want to introduce will make your introductory procedure much easier. It’s just because when she sniffs the collar, your cat would probably feel the same smell and would like it. Due to familiarity, it is more likely to get easily comfortable with the collar.

TIP: You can rub a cloth on your cat’s body and then with the collar. OR, you can also use a Feliway spray to help keep your cat calm.

(Step 4) Give some time to get used to the collar:

You can’t expect the cat to get used to the collar at once. It would help if you give your cat some time as it’s completely new for her.

So, if you are introducing it and trying or expecting that the cat would wear it for the whole day, technically, it’s not possible as she needs some time. That’s why we strongly recommend that while you are trying to get your cat used to the cat collar, make sure to do this daily and increase the length gradually, not eventually. 

Repeat the same procedure until you see a clear difference: your cat is getting used to the collar, and now she can take it for the whole day.

(Step 5) Monitor your cat closely:

Well, introducing a cat collar doesn’t mean just putting on it. If she is not getting used to it, chances are she is not comfortable with it.

Especially if she is stretching her body around the neck, which means she gets allergic to it. Moreover, if she is pulling it off, it’s because the collar isn’t comfortable enough, and you need to replace or change it.

That’s why you must closely monitor your cat for how she reacts to it. While monitoring, consult with your VET if you observe any unusual behavior or reaction in your cat. Ask him what else you can do to make your cat get used to the cat; surely, he will suggest the best solution.

(Step 6) Give a reward and try again:

Once you keep trying, she soon realizes that resistance is useless, and she has to wear the cat collar. Only with the right strategy you can make this daunting task even easier.

There is nothing like your cat not getting used to it. All you need is to go through the process and don’t rush over it. Most importantly, it would help if you kept your expectations a little bit low. You can’t expect that she would wear it all the time at once.

If you are going through the process correctly, but she still takes a lot more time to get used to. Remember, cats are smart creatures; they can cleverly slip off the collar. That’s why you need to be consistent and patient throughout the journey of collar training.

Quick Tips For How to Get a Cat Used to The Collar:

  • Be gentle and kind during the whole process
  • Please don’t rush into it while wondering how to get a cat used to the cat collar
  • Make sure to give her different toys or snacks while introducing the collar
  • Don’t forget to reward them with treats or good words, Like the good cat
  • During the process, give him some extra time and attention, and play with them frequently
  • Try to distract his attention toward different things
  • First, try it for a few hours, then you can slowly increase the time
  • Never use harsh words or say you will punish them if he doesn’t put it on.

So, How to Get a Cat Used to The Cat Collar?

Before wrapping up, how to get a cat used to the cat collar we must say there is no single answer to how long it takes to get used to it, as it completely depends on a specific cat’s personality. But, if done in the right way, your cat will be able to get used to it in a short period.

So, whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you can freely introduce a collar to him keeping the concern how to get a cat used to the cat collar. This wouldn’t increase her curtness but also let you protect your cat from unusual experiences or getting lost.




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