Is My Cat Collar Too Big? How to check

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A collar is a terrific way to enhance the beauty of your pretty cat, but what if you got a cat collar, but it’s too big? You might worry about not getting the best buck for your purchase and what to do next.

Well, this is a different case. There may be some problems with your cat collar, either too big or too small, but the good thing is that it’s adjustable. Yes, you can adjust the size according to your choice. And in today’s guide, we will explain exactly how you can do this and dive deeper. You will also find the ideal size cat collar to make your purchase more meaningful.

Is My Cat Collar Too Big?

First and foremost, how would you know if your cat collar is too big?

Well, as we all know, if a cat collar is too big – it means she will easily get irritated, and it would be impossible for you to get used to your cat with a collar.  

So, mainly if there is a gap between your cat’s collar and the neck, it simply means your cat collar is too big, which could cause your cat to get snagged. And, you, as a caring pet parent don;t want to do this, as your cat would have to bear many issues.

How to Adjust a Cat Collar that is Too Big?

So, if your cat collar is too big, you do not need to worry. Here is a simple way to adjust its size and make it smaller.

  • First and foremost, gradually decrease her collar size to arounfd ½ inch. Keep doing it until you are completely satisfied with the desired length. However, it also needs to be mentioned here that if it shouldn’t be too tight, your cat will get injured. To check the ideal how tight should a cat collar be, you need to place two fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar. If it gets fitted easily means it’s comfortable enough not to annoy your cat.

Once you fit the desired collar length, you may notice that your cat stretches the neck, or its muscles get tensed while wearing. That’s why you need to check to ensure that your cat has an adjustable length according to her comfort zone.

So, check every on and off and adjust the size to the necessary level.

How Long Should a Cat Collar Be?

If you have yet to purchase the cat collar or want another one, your concern could be how long a cat collar should be. We appreciate your concern in this regard because a well-informed choice always matters.

We recommend using a collar that is less than a half inch wide and long enough, up to 6 to 13 inches. Moreover, if you have a kitten with smaller neck sizes than the large or smaller cats, you may need to have a collar specifically made for them.

Can a Cat Collar Be Too Big or Loose?

Of course, getting your cat collar too loose or too big is never recommended. If you do so, chances are her paws, or lower jaws become stuck into it. As a result, she has to suffer the consequences, and a caring pet parent would never wish to put her cute baby in trouble, so it’s a big no.

Moreover, as we all know, cats are curious creatures who love to explore and play around. Suppose she was playing around and her collar is so loose that it may get stuck or trapped in a bunch. What would you do? Even though it’s easy to get them off, she may hurt herself in the process.

Tip: once you get the perfect fitted size of your cat collar, you need to check it every few days. Because of the growing cat’s age, her collar must be changed or resized; most owners must remember to do so.

No More Big Cat Collar!

Wrapping up today’s post can a cat collar too big or not and what you can do after checking it’s size; with the hope that it might be helpful for you and that you got your desired answer for how you can adjust the length of your cat collar if it’s too big or too loose. If you still have any other questions, do write in the comment section, and we would love to be there.

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