How to Collar Train a Cat?

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So, you got the cat collar and now want to put it on your cat’s neck. Some cats can take more than usual time, leading you to the question of how to collar train a cat. This concern is obvious, especially if you have an uncooperative cat. Meanwhile, if your cat is not cooperating with you, it is also possible that you took the wrong collar or she didn’t even like it.

So, in today’s post, we will explore how to collar train a cat without any hassle. All you have to do is follow the straightforward process, and by the end, you will be capable of collar training your cat by yourself.

So, let’s dig in.

How to Collar Train a Cat?

Collars are an exquisite way to enhance the beauty of your cat. Furthermore, whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, a collar is essential to protect her from unwanted experiences. That’s why after getting the best cat collar, a caring pet parent always remains concerned about the training process.

So, to collar-train your cat, you must go through these 3 simple steps.

1- Step 1:

The first step you should take while learning “how to collar train a cat” is to get the right type and size of its collar. Some pet parents don’t consider this essential and would buy an uncomfortable or inappropriate collar for their kitten. These two factors play a huge part in getting the cat used to the collar conveniently. According to Ohio university research, a cat can easily get used to the cat collar. That’s why the first-ever step and concern of “how to collar train a cat” include choosing the best cat collar.

If you talk about us that what kind of collars do we recommend? So, breakaway collars are the safest solution for your feline friend. This collar is made so a cat can easily pull it off while getting stuck somewhere. So, it provides extra protection when you are not around. That’s why we recommend that you should go for it.

2- Step 2:

So, once you have selected the right type and size of cat collar and purchased it, what’s next? Yes, the next step you have to take is introducing the collar to your cat. As we all know, the cat is often a curious creature who loves to spend time with the toys or the essentials she uses. It’s just because cats often need more time to get used to the environment. That’s why before putting a cat collar on your cat, you must give her time to take the collar as her friend.

Remember, how to collar train a cat revolves around how you behave while training. That’s why you must be friendly and helpful enough to help your cat get used to the process. So, place the collar in front of your cat. Let her sniff, investigate and play with the collar. Furthermore, you can also rub the collar with your cat’s body. In this way, the smell of your cat will be passed into the collar while your cat starts sniffing. She will find it essentially made for her. And this little trick would make the “how to collar train a cat” process much easier.

3- Step 3:

The third and final phase of how to collar train a cat includes putting the collar on her neck. While putting on the collar, you must know the key is to take your time with the process. Stay calm and keep your cat calm too. You can use positive words to her, like a good cat or girl, or call her by name. Furthermore, giving treats while wearing the collar can also perform wonders and make the process easier.

So, you need to securely attach the collar around her neck but be polite. Avoid yelling at your kitten if you face any difficulty in doing so. However, if you just put the collar on her neck successfully, it doesn’t mean your duty gets over. After that, you need to check the collar’s fitting and analyze whether she is comfortable with it.

Suppose your cat gives you a hard time getting used to the collar, then we recommend you try for a shorter period. For example, put the collar on her neck for around 4 to 5 hours. Once she gets used to this timing, you can further increase the length of time.


When should you start collar training for your cat?

Generally, 6 months is ideal for your cat to start collar training. You may start the process early before she gets 6 months, but remember, you may have to face a hard time. Furthermore, the risk of hazards will remain there.

How long does it take to collar train a cat?

Well, there is no single answer to this question. Every cat has its nature and would react differently to a collar. Some might get used to the collar easily, or some can even take time. Though all have different kinds of natures, adopting the right technique is the only key to making this daunting process a lot easier.

Key Takeaways – How to Collar Train a Cat?

So, from today’s quick guide, all you get is the solution of how to collar train a cat. Remember, the process is not difficult. It’s simple, straightforward, and quick. All you need is to stay calm and not rush out of the process. Suppose you are doing this in a hurry or expecting your cat to quickly get used to it. Then you’re doing wrong. Make sure to follow all the steps, little tips, and tricks to give your cat hassle-free collar training.

So, the key takeaways are

  • Choose the right type of collar.
  • Be conscious about the size you got.
  • Give your cat some time to explore the collar.
  • Put the collar on her neck securely.
  • Use treats during the process.
  • Don’t yell, and keep yourself as much as possible.

Now, you did it! Pat yourself on the back. Consider writing an additional tip or a trick you might know about how to collar train a cat more conveniently. We would love to hear from your side.

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